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  1. Pick up only. Shipping on cabinet is too expensive.
  2. I'm in Readsboro Vermont; at the southern end of Vermont.
  3. This George is 10 years old and I purchased it directly from APQS. I've done 5 or 6 Queen size quilts on it, maybe a dozen lap size quilts and some smaller items, so it has had an easy life. There is no stitch regulator on it. With a little practice I was able to achieve even stitches, even without a stitch regulator. It does have a speed control for the motor so that you can match it to the speed that you like to sew at. I'm happy to answer any other questions you may have!
  4. George sit down quilting machine for sale. $2700 pick up only in Southern Vermont. The machine works perfectly and has been gently and lightly used, never for commercial use. Includes Interchangeable hopping feet, a turbo bobbin winder, owners manual, an extra bobbin case, many bobbins and needles. One owner, bought in 2007. Price is firm.
  5. Jennifer, I sent a private message reply. Thanks.
  6. Gently used George Quilting Machine for sale with cabinet: $2700, pick up only in Southern Vermont. This machine has 20" of throat space, variable speed control, Interchangeable hopping feet including an open toe and closed toe standard and a high profile open toe ruler foot and closed toe high profile ruler foot. Included are 2 extra bobbin cases, bobbin springs and many bobbins, L size and a supply of needles. There is an attached goose neck light, Needle up, needle down needle positioner and a turbo bobbin winder included. It is 10 years old and I am the only owner and user. I ha
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