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  1. Angela and Jessica - what a wonderful video. Makes me want to buy an Intelliquilter today!
  2. I have 1 queen SID+custom borders, 3 30" custom, 5 baby e2e, 1 queen e2e and 3 lap e2e. That should keep me busy until the 16th, which is when I plan to be done with customer quilts.
  3. In the past I have purchased the blanket bag and the small Blanket bag, but I won't be ordering from them anymore. The last couple orders I received have been such poor quality. I will put a quilt in and lift it by the handle and the handle breaks loose and tears the vinyl. I called to tell them about it earlier this year and she offered to credit me for the bags that were bad. Since then almost every bag has done that. I use to have customers bring them back with new quilts in them, but they don't last like that anymore. Anyone else having this problem? I've been buying the L, XL, and XXL zip bags from Dollar Tree. They're not breathable, but at least they are reusable.
  4. I was a pattern tester for Marcia for a long while. She hasn't put up very many new patterns lately and I haven't tested one since 2009, but used to do one every month or so. It's a great site!
  5. Where are you in Michigan? Accomplish Quilting is in Stevensville and they sell batting.
  6. Vicki, I did 78 in 2009 and only 8 were custom.
  7. 25 Years In Stitches The biennial quilt show of the Old Tippecanoe Quilt Guild will be held this Saturday, April 10, 2010 at Christ United Methodist Church, located at 3610 S. 18th Street, Lafayette, IN. In honor of our 25th Anniversary, the theme is 25 Years in Stitches. The featured quilter will be past president, Roseanna Halsema, who passed away in October 2009. In addition to the beautiful quilts, the show will include a merchant mall with vendors from near and far, a Trading Post where you can buy gently used quilting items, a 25 Year Challenge exhibit and several other Special Exhibits, along with an Opportunity Quilt and ongoing demonstrations. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for Nursing Home Groups, and children are free. For more information, contact: Ruthie Wasmuth, Publicity Chair @ PS If you come, you'll get to see some of "victoriasews" quilts up close and personal.
  8. I prefer EQ Printables and did a post about them on my blog some time ago:
  9. I did one last summer and couldn't find it on my blog, so I just re-posted about it, but here is a shot of both sides.
  10. I've been checking her website daily for an open ticket registration. How long did it take you to get tickets?
  11. H.D. Wilbanks is his name. Here is some info I found regarding the batting. I haven't tried it yet, but would like to.
  12. I buy from Cleaner Supply also, this size and the next largest. If you don't order $100, which I never have, I usually only order 2-4 packages and the shipping is only $3.83 I have had some split on my customers and I called to let them know and they sent me a new package.
  13. My son is stationed at Ft Bragg, deployed to Afghanistan and actually arrived home for R&R this morning. We won't get to see him, but that's OK, he will be spending the 2 weeks with his wife. They were married just 2 months before he deployed, so they deserve this time alone.
  14. Well, .3/inch is only $72 and I think it's certainly worth more than that. I don't do a lot of custom, so I have no idea.
  15. Kim -- the quilt has actually been won by one of our guild members and she submitted it to Quilt Odyssey. But if you see it, be sure to check out the fabulous quilting.
  16. I won't be there, but one of my guild members has a quilt there. It was actually a guild raffle quilt, quilted by our own Victoriasews.
  17. On my Gammill, I just finished a quilt with a flannel-top and bottom with Warm & Natural batting. I used PermaCore 30-top and bobbin and it quilted like a dream.
  18. I have been a little disappointed in how quickly the entire bag gets brittle after it has been used. They really don't work well for my customers bringing a new quilt to me, so maybe it's time for a change.
  19. I use these also, two sizes of comforter bags and I also buy sweater bags. They have an opening at the top for a hanger, but are just the right size for a small quilt.