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  1. I need to sell my 2005 Millenium due to health reasons. I am located in Harrisburg, PA...asking $7000, includes the following: User Manual 12 foot table Stitch Regulator Horizontal/vertical locks An assortment of paper pantographs – over 50 Stand alone bobbin winder Cones of thread Many L size bobbins and cases Hartley Fence Ruler base Some Rulers Topper (making circles) Micro Handles Laser pointer Assortment of Needles Auto advance and foot pedal I will send pictures if needed. I can be reached at 717 919-5555 or Cash only and buyer will have to pick up....
  2. Asking $8,500 for 2005 APQS Millenium - located in Harrisburg, PA. Machine runs great...includes lots of pantos, thread, Topper for circles, some panto boards. Can send pictures, if interested. Contact Gwen at 717 919-5555. Will have to pick up.
  3. Log cabin is one of my favorites. I also love doing pantos...there are so many nice ones out there. I am a big fan of Willow Leaf and will definitely be adding this one to my list to purchase. It looks wonderful!
  4. Why is it when there is so much to do, we sometimes drag our feet. I have a queen size g'mothers flower garden 2/3 of the way done. Had to do some frogging but now am not in a hurry to get it back on the machine. Also, have two other quilts that customers are waiting for and I am away this weekend. Maybe it's the beautiful weather here in PA. Someone give me a push!!
  5. Thanks for the advice, but I have not used it in years... maybe if no one shows any interest, I am meant to keep it...
  6. I have a slighly used Baby Lock Serger for sale. Paid $1400, asking $550. Has less than 15 hours sewing time and is about six years old. It is the Baby Lock Imagine with jet air threading. Email to or 717 919-5555 Thanks
  7. How sad to lose your pet in such a way!! But what a nice gesture to try and make amends. I have a lab/pit mix, great dog!! Always at your side and just the best personality. Enjoy!!
  8. I am selling a Baby Lock Imagine serger with the jet air threading. I bought it new about six years ago. It has additional serger feet package. I probably only have 20 hours of use (if that), only used it to serge the edges of small quilts for my pets. I checked with a local shop in the area and was told they are selling new for $1,200. I am asking $550.
  9. Hi everyone. I have been monitoring this forum for years and have yet to join in. Started quilting in 1990 while living in London, starting longarm quilting about six years ago. Still a newbie, my quilts do not shine like all of yours, but I am a quick learner! Hope to meet some of you someday. I currently live in PA bu used to live in Poughkeepsie, NY for 26 years, which is about 45 minutes from Bonnie in NY. Hope to be more active and join in more..:cool:
  10. I have a pattern in mind to use some of my stash of oriental fabrics...this is a great way to quilt it... I will be ordering the ruler...someday I hope to also order the circle lord, but for now, I practice, practice, practice!!
  11. are definitely not nuts. I bought a used Milli from APQS in August. It was used at shows for approximately 6 months. I even bought a used table to save a little more!! Well worth it..have not had any problems and am getting used to using it... Still have a lot to learn but am enjoying it. My advice - GO FOR IT!!!!