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  1. Hello again Hedi, I have been doing more thinking about the distribution of APQS sales representatives. From your website I note Canada, which has a land mass similar to the USA and Australia, and a population of only 10% more than Australia has 15 representatives compared to the USA's 85 or so and Australias one. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Australias population is only 7% of that of the USA, so, I have selected three states of the USA which have a total population similar to Australia. I chose Tennessee, Missouri and Illinois (collective population 23.7 million) This group of states, all physically connected at borders, has a land mass totalling 6% of Australias', yet they have a total of 10 representatives compared to our 1. Although I have not comprehensively analysed all the available statistics, I also note that Colorado and Oregon which have similar land masses to Victoria, but a signigicantly lower population, have 5 and 3 representatives respectively while Victoria has just one - and that one covers the whole of Australia! There does appear to be anomolies when it comes to sales representatives in Australia, we seem to be seriously under served relative to the USA and Canada. Surely APQS would gain a much larger percentage of the market share if it had more representatives available who were supported by quick and efficient servicing facilities. Has APQS considered succession planning - the present encumbrant will eventually leave the APQS family. Surely you have considered that there needs to be other representatives already in the field with a working knowledge of APQS, and a familarility of the Australian market. I have just noted a comment posted thismorning by Sue Morris. to the effect that APQS IS considering more representatives in Australia. This is good news, but I implore you Hedi to take on board a full representation of opinions from your Australian clients - give them an independent mechanism whereby they can approach you with their experiences, thoughts and feedback. I reinterate what I said earlier, APQS produces a good product. An expansion of its presence in the Australian market would offer consumers better flexability in their choice of sales outlet and would promote higher confidence in after sales techincal support because assistance would physically much closer to them. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on this issue. Thank you for your time Cherie Walters
  2. Hi Hedi, Have APQS considered more representatives in Australia? Compare the following stastics: Area (in square kilometers) USA 9 161 923 - Australia 7 617 932 Population USA 303 824 640 Australia 21 007 310 Distance across the country USA 4184km 4006km You will notice that there is not very much difference in the physical areas of the USA and Australia. The distance across the countries is very similar. The only major difference is in population, Australia's population being only 7% of that of the USA - however - most of our population lives on the coast - meaning an ivdividual representative has to travel vast distances to properly serve clients. If you are unsure how many representatives there should be in Austalia, then consider the population distribution. My personal thought is that three should be your absolute minimum; one in Victoria, one in Western Australia and one in Queensland. An interesting exercise for you to consider conducting would be to overlay a polulation map of Australia with the distribution of APQS machines. More than one representative also gives APQS users an option for contacting representatives. APQS makes a very good quilting machine - it is a shame that it has not got a larger percentage of the market share in Australia - more representatives and a higher profile would definately help you achieve this. (Please note that I do not live in Victoria, Queensland or Western Australia) Cherie
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