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  1. Annie, did you already sell your Circle Lord & fence?
  2. HEY Nigel!! Thank you so much. I have and APQS Freedom born in about 2006? It hasn't given me hardly any trouble and I didn't even treat it right the first few years. But I do now. I should have known better than to try and wipe the oil off the bottom of the carriage/machine. I'm overtired and trying to cram as much quilting in as I am getting a new knee at the end of July and I don't want any quilts sitting around here that don't belong to me. I think my husband got it open and went to the store to buy another. I guess he didn't see the other one there. Thanks again for getting back to me so fast. Hugs Kristie
  3. Hi I blew a fuse because I got a cloth caught up in the bobbin assembly. Did we get an extra fuse with our machines? I haven't had any trouble like this for 6 or 7 years, so of course all my stuff isn't where I remember. Husband (there isn't anything DEAR about him today) just went to buy a fuse. Can someone let me know if we're doing the right thing or not. Thanks in advance for any advice. Kristie
  4. OH MY There's a stunner!!!! I would have pulled my hair out trying to quilt that. AMAZING Work!! Kristie
  5. I Broke my ANKLE!! it is 6 to 8 weeks of sleeping on the couch and trying to manuever around my downstairs (I can't get up the stairs either!!) with a pair of crutches or a walker with wheels (that got it has a seat!) I broke my Right Ankle and have really bad artheritis in my Left Knee - DARN that hurts!!! Yes I'm looking for sympathy ! I cannot stand at the machine and quilt for at least 2 weeks, maybe MORE. Well I have crazy quilting I can do. But what little revenue I was going to get is not going to happen now. Oh well... that's the way the ankle colapses. (goof ball). I just thought I'd let everyone know. This shoudl give me plenty of time to re-find my photos. silver linings everywhere! Hugs to everyone. Kristie
  6. Hi Anette so glad your on. Thank your for your prayers and everyone else too. It must be why I'm doing as well as I am. Hugs to everyone.
  7. Oh Thanks everyone. I appricieate the prayers and thoughts so much. I'll miss Dad a lot but he's with Mom now and at peace. I just hated watching him go through what looked like torture to me. I'll figure this out. I just have to spend more time looking at all the "Eye candy." Not to mention laying off the real thing. Hugs to you all.
  8. I'm sorry I sound so bad. I'm a sniveler. This has been a rough week for me my Dad died on Tuesday and I'm overracting (understatement) to everything. I'm sorry ladies. Of course, I'm not the only one affected by the change - I just wasn't ready for it. I'll try to spend a little time everyday looking for some of my favorites and letting everyone know. Most of the links are good ones, its just there are so many. Hugs everyone.
  9. OMG all of my favorites are GONE! I worked so hard on that list. It wasn't just my quilt it was quilts others had done that gave me ideas for mine. This is a major setback for me. What do we do now? Is there a way to save New favorites or is that just another piece of NEW technology's collatoral damage.
  10. I just got on to look for a picture I put on the board and I found this new APQS site and I'm lost and I don't know what to do. where are the favorites? Have I really been gone that long TOTO? I don't think this is Kansas anymore. :/ ????
  11. I can't see where you need improving, but I can sure see where "I" need improving!!! Bobbi you did a stunning job!!
  12. Wonderful, gorgeous, fantastical, and beautimus!!!
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