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  1. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) from across the ocean as welll.
  2. Congrats Lyn, well deserved. Enjoy the show.
  3. I wish I had a sowing machine like that!! ;) Great bargain!!
  4. this seems to be the link: cheers,
  5. I too ignore the names I don't recognise--- plus you can tell by the heading /subject line. I don't even bother to view them! Just take a deep breath, chill and enjoy the posts from those you know. I think Dawn has done a fantastic job in clearing the forum. Perhaps ther aren't as many posts either becasue people are busy. I know I am only able to catch up on weekends and during lunch time because I rejoined the workforce (outside of home ). Cheers,
  6. Rita and Family, My thoughts are with you and I hope for a good outcome and speedy recover. Lots of good vibes heading your way over the ocean and lots of (((((((((((( HUGS))))))))))))) as well!
  7. I am normally given the choice. I try to match the colours of the quilt or find one that plays nice with all the fabrics. To me, the job I do is to enhance the quilt so unless I have been asked to make the quilting stand out, neutral it is. I like Signature's Mother Goose colour. It is amazing how it will blend and give texture for the broadest range of fabrics. I also like a colour from Aurifil, it is an "old gold" colour, very much like new born Babypoo! Sounds horrible but it blends with gold, reds, blues, purples and greens and is a little bit of a maverick, taking on the colour it lies on. (Clear as mud?) I too will unspool about one to one half yards of thread over the quilt top if undecided and choose the one that sits the nicest. It is also wise to do this in good day light. Maybe I just have old eyes, but colours look different in daylight to artificial. Cheers, Susanne
  8. I have always matched the colour of the thread to the fabric colour. It is what my customers expect. Yes, it is a bit fussy getting the tension correct at the beginning, but once done, tension is good for the rests of the quilt. It is rare that the colours for both top and bottom are the same. And Yes - normally they are high contrast colours. White and Navy, deep Red and Yellow, you name it I have had it. If following Dawn's most wonderful and super instructions, a few tries and all is well. I have one particular customer who always uses a cream or white backing - always. And she wants white thread. The beauty with my Millie, and basically all APQS machines, is that we have good tension and we can do this. Just a bit of practice and a little patience is required. I am yet waiting for a really bright backer with a bright top, that I can use the same thread colour on! Maybe one Day?
  9. My thoughts and prayers are heading your way. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  10. Lovely - from another "Blue and White Kind of Girl". Cheers
  11. Bonnie, In your price structure you need to cover your thread costs and what I privately term - Fart A$$ing around time. I charge $25.00 thread fee and $25.00 set up fee. That gives me my minimum quilt charge of $50.00. This also allows me to discount the quilting without feeling used if it is a smaller quilt or a not so dense Pantograph. I charge $25.00/hour for extra time. I have only charged this two or three times in my two years of taking customer quilts. Both times the Quilters knew why - how to attach border instructions where given gratis;). The other was an ironing job. I quilt and don't like to iron my own things, let alone other peoples! I also feel I am slow in loading, but I like to know that as many problems are averted before they cause heartache when actually quilting. I also pin. Don't worry about the speed. Put on some music that you like and think of it as "thinking" time or time for yourself. See it as a relax before you need to quilt! Personally I feel it is wrong to charge less because you are just starting off in your business venture. Before any of us take on customer quilts we have put in many hours of practice on our own or friends' quilts. It is easier to discount if you feel that all is not as perfect as you like it. Psychologically, people are far more grateful to pay less :cool: than to face a price rise after getting used to the "cheap" quilting. Never underestimate your own worth. If you take longer but you love your quilting and its quality, so will your customers. Some will always want the cheapest but you stick to your guns and you will end up with a clentelle of those that want quality and they will give you the quilts you will enjoy working on. But no matter what, if you start to feel that you are not being paid for your efforts and you feel used, then you need to re-analyse your business plan and pricing. And remember, we all have quilt skeletons in our cupboards - you know the ones I mean!! The ones that took twice as long as they should have and that made us work for less than minimum wage! :cool: Cheers,
  12. This came up with a google search Sheri: The theme is "In Full Bloom" Cheers,