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  1. Sandy A SR Freedom sounds good. I nearly jumped ship from geting a lenni after I had waited a couple of months and the freedom was my next choice. At the time I didn\'t think I needed the stitch regulator but now I have it I think it is invaluable as I tend to get stitches around curves as I give the machine an extra shove. You would need to get the single stich as well although it might be part of a stitch regulator. the weight might be a consideration if you have any arm,back , neck problems. sue I tried a panto out the other day-one with swirls and stars. i dont think i\'ll be a panto queen as I prefer to freehand with similar results. i also tried some SID but i should have taken the advice given and use monopoly as my first efforts were less than perfect but i had the tension right and didnt want to change threads. janelle
  2. sandra the quilt is off the frame and is 5 foot long and at that stage the distance was down to 13.5 inches so my inital estimation is a little out by the end of a queen size quilt you would be down to about 12.5 inches which is still heaps better than the 2 inches I used to end up with. Janelle
  3. Sandra The quilt I have on the frame at the moment is 18 inches into the body of the quilt and so it is wrapped around the roller a couple of times. at the moment I have 14.5 inches of quilting space so by the time you had a full quilt you might loose 1/2 to an inch more. With the handles that come with the lenni that is probably as far as you could reach anyway. Janelle
  4. I\'ve had my lenni for 2 weeks now and I am very happy. I have quilted a sigle bed and a qeen sized quilt so far . I loaded a small childs quilt this morning. The first 2 I quilted free hand but this time I am going to make myself follow a panto. I purchased mine with the view to doing my own quilts and maybe one or two for friends. I dont have any ambitions for becoming a full time quilter. Any minor hitches have been dealt with very promptly. I previously had a domestic frame system with a DM attached so the way the system works wasnt foreign to me but I am rapt in the increased throat space and although I thought I didnt need a stitch regulator I am glad it\'s there. Janelle
  5. Lenni arrived yesterday - all 7 boxes. took DH 6 hours on his own but by last night we have everything together except for the canvasses.Tried to post last night but i messed it up and deleted the message and was too tired to try again. Hopefully by this afternoon will be playing. thanks to Sue in Australia for putting up with my complaints when the wait got too long. I think real babies nearly take as long as this has. janelle
  6. Shana the difficulty with paper punches is the opening that you slide the paper under as it is usually only about 1 inch. what you need to look for is a spring loaded punch that come with different sized holes which you place directly over where you want to punch pull on the end and release and it punches through the paper etc. They look like oversized pens. janelle
  7. Hi Rita i\'ve been watching your thread with interest- a little more interest tonight as i was notified this morning that my lenni is on its way but it will probably take until the new year to make its journey to Australia and then i\'ll be having all of the fun you are . happy quilting janelle
  8. I\'m hoping on 12" as the maxium as it gets to the end. I\'ve been trolling the site for months but not game to jump in as i have been so frustrated waiting for my lenni as i ordered it in mid july. My current domestic frame only gives me 3 inches as i have my bernina on it. my christmas tree is keeping its spot warm for now. janelle