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  1. Hi, Please, someone, anyone, tell me the name of the store near Disneyland that sells fabric secounds, Or better yet the address, THANK YOU THANK YOU TTHANK YOU Melora
  2. Patty Jo, Your granddaughter is added to my prayers, and you also. If you need something more I am not far away.
  3. I will be coming also with two others Could you please u2u me your address so I can plug it into the garmin I am not good when I drive outside the city limits (lol) Thanks Boni
  4. I really need to pay attention (l0l) That is not north for me, however I do have the right date Thanks Linda If I don't see you have a wonderful holiday
  5. I can't remember where but somewhere North of me there was talk of a Moxie meeting. Is that happening? Thanks
  6. So is the gold thread ,the glitter and if so did you run it with a monofiliment or does it run well without it? Did you have much breakage? I really want to use a gold metallic and want one that is going to work. Since yours is done I figure you would know the best. Thanks you again Melora
  7. I too have thought about you often I am glad to hear you are hanging in there. I have no advice that has not already been offered. I think you are doing amazing given all that you have had to deal with. Melora
  8. Loved the quilt, I too love face book and looked through your pics. I saw one a Judy Neimeyer Christmas tree skirt. I would love to know what thread you used on it. Thanks Melora
  9. I love your choice of quilting designs it makes the quilt.!!!!
  10. Oh the woes of marking a quilt. After the powerwash incident I am back to sewing over paper. I know if I soak long enough the fibers break apart. Also I use the lightest density on ink and let it set for several days. If it is my quilt and not white on white I use friction highlighters. Marking a quilt is now the most stressful part of longarming for me Melora
  11. Is beautiful, your stitching is awesome. If she doesn't like it I do Melora
  12. Thanks I had been trying that , my husband bought me a new one for my birthday. Lovin it!!
  13. Please send my sympathies to Lucy and of course I will add her to my prayers. I am glad she has you as a dear friend. Melora
  14. Looking to purchase used babylock imagine Anyone thinking of selling? Melora U2U me please
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