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  1. I saw this quilt pattern, it is very simple looking and yet very useful. I saw it at a show-n-tell and I don't who's pattern it is and i would like to buy it. I tried Anne Bright, my creative stitches, willow leaf studio,
  2. What is the source of the obstruction error. I have been getting thatt lately. Thanks Brenda
  3. I just wanted to let you know that the compuquilter is upgraded for the M&M wheels. I don't know if that is the upgrade for bliss or not. It is still available, but I may have a buyer, so I will keep you posted. Thanks
  4. I have one for sale for only 9500 if you are interested? see posting. Thanks Brendalee
  5. The compuquilter is still for sale. Sorry I was gone off goofing around with my kids for the last of the summer. I do so miss them, when they go back to school. Summer is never long enough! Now one in junior high and one in high school! Ugg, they were only toddlers a minute ago! The compuquilter is able to be disconnected to do free hand work very easily. It has two hand screws one on the width or (y axis) and one on the length (x axis). You unscrew these and off you go, just like you were freehanding before the computer. It is really nice to be able to free hand one minute, and the next quilt do a very intricate pantograph the next while you sit and piece your own stuff!
  6. SID is really hard for me too, I also think we are our own worst critic. Once I step back from the quilt I no longer see the little wowwies' that happen. Though I still worry about them. I find that my quilting friends are really helpful in telling me when something is good enough or needs to be tried again. If left to my own opinions I think I may never be happy enough with what it looks like. Remember hand made by a human will lead to artistic variances. Congrats!;)
  7. I did some double checking and yes it will fit the 1999 Gammill, however it will require a retro-fit package. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks Brendalee
  8. I forgot to mention that if you are in my vicinity I will provide training for 2 days. Maybe one day at my location and one at yours. Also wanted to comment, that this system has free updates so it is the same version as the brand new one, however, it has a huge selection of designs that came with the compuquilter that will get you up and running. Thanks for reading. Brendalee
  9. I am hoping to go to the dinner. The learning curve is not bad. Especially with some assistance. The program has free upgrades so the original program was harder when I first started and now it is so much easier to do. You input your legth width and pattern and if you are doing an all over then you press go. If you are doing custom you basicallly outline the area, pick your design, fit it in the area and press go. It requires a bit more than that, however I have had bery little errors in the time I have been using it. "Meaning the computer system had errors" Ha HA.... I am an expert at frogging but that is MY fault not the computers!
  10. Any of you ladies heading to MQX West that might want to see this system. If it is still for sale, let me know and I can make some time to show the features and such. Thanks Brendalee
  11. I am checking to see if it will fit the Gammill, I do believe that it will. I will however confirm that tomorrow.
  12. Sounds like fun, I will try to get in on it too. I will have to check my school calendar! YEP SCHOOL! I haven't been in school since college, so I am a bit nervous starting off, but it will be fun. Hope to see you all there! Brendalee
  13. Yes and absolutely great! It is a computer program and a physical hardware system that allows you to use your current quilting machine (most all brands) and work in either manual free hand quilting or by attaching to a tensioning cable with two nuts you are quilting pre-designed patterns. You are able to do wholecloths with very detailed designs or all over pantographs with great sucess. With my package is include well over $4000.00 in designs alone. Also a program that you can make your own designs and have them stitched out as your quilt design. What type of machine do you own. I have a 2007 Milli currently. Thanks for inquiring. Brendalee
  14. look under the CQ tab. Thanks Brendalee
  15. I know it's crazy, but I am going to sell my compuquilter. I love the system but I am in need of a change so I am going to sell it. If you know of anyone looking for a great deal. Brand new this would be worth over 17,000 in software and patterns for only 9500! Thanks for checking up on me. I look forward to seeing you soon!
  16. Compuquilter for sale - Priced to sell! 9500.00 Shipping would be extra. It comes with the original 250-300 patterns plus more than $3500.00 value of patterns from various designers. I upgraded the keyboard and mouse to wireless, with clamps on the keyboard to prevent falling. Includes Autosketch program for designing your own patterns and layouts. This will not void your warranty from APQS. Updates from Compuquilter are free. I am located in Portland Oregon. If you are looking at getting a great deal and getting up and running with a computer system that is easy and fun, this is a great choice. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 503-209-3622 or email or u2u me or post questions. Thanks for reading! Brendalee
  17. I am in Blaine Washington WITHOUT my quilters companion book????? We will be going one day into Vancouver BC and I thought maybe you all might have a MUST see, for a quilter fanatic. Brendalee
  18. I found the cheater fabric. I am very excited to practice my freehand for applique! I found it for 5.00 a yard at It is elanors picnic from P&B textiles designed with piece o cake. Yahoo!
  19. Linda, I loved making the feathered star I am just not used to making one block in 8 hours:P:P:P I have tried searching for the cheater fabric that Patty Jo used I would love to make that, does anyone know who or wear it might be? I thought piece o cake or elanor burns, but can't find it on their sights? Maybe it is too old not sure, but I love it! Thanks everyone for coming I had a great time, thanks Nancy Jo and Patty Jo and Myrna for helping me get this all together. I think I am a better multi-person hostess! My mom loved her tea cup and we took it too her with one of the black and white cookies. Can't remember who made them, but Mom wants the recipe BAD!!!! So does Alicia;) Thanks
  20. I have purchased needles from Superior Threads and they are great, but I need a sharp needle, and Bob said that the Grozht Becker is slightly ballpointed. He did say that sharps are made but they don't carry them. Do any of you know where I can get sharp long arm needles? I finished the two thread top: one thread was varigated and one was metalic, WOW it really gave it some cool sparkle look. It didn't look metalic but it didn't look like varigated cotton either. I would highly suggest you all give it a try it was really fun! Thanks Brendalee
  21. I am used to the 80/14 type sizing. What is a 4.0 or a 4.5? Where are you gals buying them? Thanks Brendalee
  22. Yep, and you don't have to drive too far for the meeting. Let me know if anyone wants to stay. I am looking forward to seeing all of you, it has been WAY to long! I can't wait to hear what kind of crazy project NJ has for us.... Yes I do have a glue gun, one hot glue and one cold glue gun. Yep! Burnt my fingers one to many times! Brendalee - who has been missing in action... sorry!
  23. I am wanting to run two threads thru the top needle. I know that Superior Threads says that a Top Stitch needle has a larger carve out and a larger eye, and that is what I am looking for? I have played a little but I am worried that when I actually start on the quilt the thread will be breaking all the time. This is a store sample so I really want it to look great! Thanks Brendalee