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  1. I have had some health problems (hospital & rehab for 6 weeks) finding it very difficult to get back into any kind of sensable routine. Between Doctors appointments

    and rehab. I have some backlog and need to get my act together. I love the quilting and working with customers so much quiting just does not seem to be the answer.

    I need some quilters counsiling. Guess the way to do it is to just put one foot in front of another until I am where I want to be. An old friend in quilting told me once that making a quilt was like eating an elephant one bite at a time. If you all have any genious suggestions please send forth. Thanks for letting me vent.


    Ginny Snowden

  2. Clotilde carries a smoke odor remover that really works. I have used it for years. I realize this an expense, but well worth it. I put the piece in a bag and mist this solution into the bag. Leave overnight then remove let air for a while and voila.

    Wel Annie's (new name for Clotilde) does not carry this item. It is out there some where though Sorry







  3. Never have a smooth ride. I get quilters blank all the time. I get a quilt on the machine and then think I should do my original idea differently. Then get stuck. I never see the things I think will look so bad in the end though.

    The last quilt I quilted thought all along it would be a disaster, It was wonderful. Thanks t  all of you gained a lot of confidence in the last 10 years..



    Ginny S

  4. Dear Rita, I used to work all the time making things for loved ones. I thought these quilted gifts would be apreciated. Well I was told ONCE I want curtains not a blanket for a wedding present, needless to say I do not give quilted gifts anymore unless in very special ocasions when asked.

    I am  also confined a lot with Lupus disabilaty. We are a forgotten group. I feel most of the people I know do not understand how I feel (you cannot see pain) therefore do not know how to deal with it so it is not addressed. We are then kind of forgotten. My family does not even invite me to family functions, or send pictures stories just kind of like an invisable person. I now sell my quilts they are loved by the people who purchase them. and I get my fix via that chanel. God Bless!


    Luv Ginny Snowden

  5. I have a Bernina 450 embroidery machine. I do not know if I like it or not, had it for 3 years and will not work more than 12 hours before making an ungodly noise. I have taken it in for repair 4 times now the last time they told me i did not put the bobin case in right (make sure it snapped). I use my Pfaff in the interim. Love my Pfaff. I bought the Bernina thinking (wrong word) it was a good deal. Don't know if there are any good domestic machines out there now. Discouraged.