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  1. Oma, The surgeon will put on her good glasses this time. Praying for you.
  2. Today I will be loading a Bedrunner, Christmas redbirds. It is a kit I just finished.
  3. We must never forget the horror and the miracles.
  4. My goodness don't we all think of ways to make it better. Thanks for the laugh, there is always humor in tragedy. My dearest Mother was my little cactus in my life. Priceless. she passed last June, still do understand why she used me so badly. God Bless You!
  5. Looks absolutely great, I have one coming up soon. certainly hope I do as well. gooooouuuudoooooo Ginny
  6. Cheri, You are such an inspiration to all of us. I seem to go through each day, and waste time. Now I think how short the time is. You are in my prayers each day, Happy for the better day for you. Ginny
  7. I got my Featherweight from Ebay. It is not in pristine condition, the cosmetics does not affect how it works. It sews like a dream. The maintenance is easy. Ginny:D
  8. Wow Wow, you have come a long way girl! These are beautiful quilts, Congratulations twice!
  9. Thanks for the courage boosters. You gals are just the greatest! I have gotten through some hard times with your help. Perhaps I can manage this also. Ginny;)
  10. I want that machine in the worst way. Figuring every day how to manage it. I have to sell my UII first etc. My husband says I am to old to make this investment, you know the routine. Ginny
  11. I live in Texas! What a wonderful bright and cheery quilt. If you need it I will shoot you my address.
  12. Pretty sure you are right! Congratulations to all, Ginny
  13. Some time ago I agreed to look up my John Flynn DWR stuff. I found it all with the eception of the arc template for the 18" pattern. I have the Book, complete template set for 12", and partial template for the 18". Will sell all for $15.00 and postage. Of course this is negotiable. send a u2u or phone 512-557-1051 Ginny Snowden
  14. I have had a sour experience with the Red Cross, when My first husband and I set up housekeeping we lost our home to a flood. The Red Cross was there to help. We had to pay for our food and any other thing we received. When the Salvation Army arrived we were actually helped. I donat to the Salvation Army every Year since. Ginny
  15. what is this Pattern? Love it and the colors. Ginny