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  1. Three year old HQ Sweet 16 with True Stitch stitch regulator, couching foot, 2 sizes of hopping foot, rulers, table, bobbin winder,table, bobbins. Excellent condition. PRICE REDUCED $3500
  2. I am selling all of my longarm rulers. The list of what I have is listed below. I believe the original cost of everything was about $400. If you are interested in buying all of them, I would give you a VERY good price. Thanks! Gadget Girl: 90 degree ruler Bricks Template Shells/Diamonds Template 22" diagonal ruler 15" diagonal ruler Little Girl Stitch guide Swag Template Guide Four Paws 12" Stitch in the Ditch Deloa Jones Appliguide Pantograph Placement Guide Set Linda's Electric Quilter Applique Helper
  3. I now have a list available of all the pantos that i am selling...if you wrote me , I have sent you the list. If you are interested, please send me a message via U2U.
  4. I will be selling my pantos for 40% off the original price (most are Ann Bright that were purchased for $12...some aren't out of plastic). If you are interested please contact me through U2U and I will send you a list of what is available. Thanks!
  5. 2008 Freedom SR excellent condition. Includes TX Hold Em & extension table. Automatic advance on table. Gently used. I reside in Texas.
  6. At the advice of people in the know, I am dropping the price of my Freedom to $8000. I wink have more details on the used machine forum.
  7. I have decided to lower the price of my machine to $10,000 & still include all amenities listed in my earlier post. I live in San Antonio, TX
  8. I need to sell my Freedom...we are going to be living half of the year in Va. and I won't be able to take it with me due to space. Of course,it has the automatic advance and I am including the extension table and the Texas Hold 'Em. I will also include rulers, pantos and some videos to interested parties. Price currently is $12,000 (same as what the APQS folks were selling there 2008 and mine has extras). I will negotiate somewhat with the price but I can't do too much. Thanks!
  9. I like Linda Taylors puzzle pieces for guy quilts..fast and really easy but gives great dimension
  10. Thanks for kind words and to Heidi for coming to my tech rescue:)Do you have any suggestions for binding?cording? Satin stitch? Traditional binding? TThanks for your help!!!
  11. The second line of the address is the one that will go to the picture...Ei-Yi-Yi...I am SOOOO sorry....what a trial!
  12. Here is a link to my picasa photo gallery: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/_7FjUXMnE0tdpHSNp0zzgQ?feat=directlink[...[/url] [/img]
  13. i am not sure why these photos aren't uploading...they don't have any symbols and I am using the attachment feature of the forum topic. Any suggestions?
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