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  1. Oh my goodness, Ann! Your quilt is beautiful and your quilting is beyond words!! Absolutely jaw-dropping beautiful!!!
  2. Yea! My sister sold her George this morning! Thanks Pam. I hope you love your new George. Thank you to everyone who read my posts.
  3. Hi Karen, No, the George isn't sold yet. Though someone is coming to look at it tomorrow (Saturday). I'll email my sister's info to you.
  4. Hello Everyone, My sister has a 2013 George for sale. She has had it since May of this year. She decided it's easier for her to just have me quilt her quilts for her instead of quilting them herself (I own a Millie, which I love). Here's the information about George: 2013 George and table (used approximately 40 - 60 hours total) Open-toe foot Additional bobbin case Additional bobbins & needles Several packages of Superior Threads pre-wound bobbins Bobbin Winder APQS CD & Printed Manual Asking $5,000 - this is a firm price You pay for shipping We are lo
  5. I do this also. I also keep an alphabetical list of all my pantos in the front of my book. It keeps me from accidently re-ordering a panto that I like. I made my list on an Excell spread sheet. It includes the name of the panto, size, source / who made the panto, and the degree of complexity of the panto (for pricing). And, it's easy to update. Also, when my new pantos arrive, before they go into the designated bin, I copy them on my printer. Then, they can be put away. The new pantos go in the front of my pantos book - in their "new" tab - until I update my list. I update
  6. I say don't listen to the negative voice! Consider the pros and cons, and go forward if this is really what you want to do! Linda is right - you do need customers. I live in NW Ohio and I was shocked to find out how many longarmers there are within 5 miles of me! There are a ton!!! I tried advertising, including a FB page, but, what worked best for me, was to talk to quilt shop owners. It tood persistence, but, I offered to quilt their shop quilts for free with a very quick turn around. I quilted probably 3 - 4 quilts for one shop and just one for another shop - all for free. They
  7. Could this be the tote pattern you're looking for? http://www.ohfransson.bigcartel.com/product/sewing-circle-tote-pdf-sewing-pattern
  8. Quilters Dream has a very lightweight cotton - Dream Cotton, and it's Dream Angel comes in a very lightweight. I like both of them.
  9. I love ALL of Quilter's Dream battings!! They are the only battings I buy. I like them much better than any of the other brands. Dream Angel - for all baby and elderly quilts Dream Green and Dream Poly are both very nice battings. Dream Blend is also great, as well as the Dream Cottons, Wool, Puff, and Orient. All of them are really nice... but, my personal favorites are Dream Angel, Dream Green, the Dream Cottons. When discussing the warmth of the battings with one of QD staff, this is how she rated the battings based on Warmth, from most warm to least warm: D Wool D Orient ( Ius
  10. I would use the Sew Clean, alcohol, hairspray and a toothbrush. I have used all three to remove ink or magic marker from quilts. Each of them worked, some better than others. The Sew Clean is an awesome product! And, I would try the other suggestions, also.
  11. Oh my! The quilt and the quilting is BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOW!! Absolutely stunning! irene
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