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  1. Congratulations! and Happy Birthday to lucky.
  2. I notice quilts too but can't remember which movies. I have however decided which bachelor/bachelorette I liked best on more than one occasion by who had pretty quilts. I remember one bachelor had a really nice one on the wall in his house, ha ha
  3. Fantastic! Now I can look forward to something on April 15th too lol!
  4. and your towa gauge is all packaged and ready to go too ..
  5. Yikes, I hadn't heard of this. Thank you so much for the warning. I often click on webshot links to look at quilts. I am sorry for all of you who got that nasty virus!
  6. Hi everyone, I bought a towa gauge a couple of years ago and I have only used it about 3 times. Mainly because I haven't been able to do much quilting in the last year or so. I came accross it today and figured I was probably not ever going to use it. So I am offering it for sale. I do not have the box for it but I do have the instruction pamplet that came with it. I paid $ 70 and am asking $35. Let me know if you are interested Thanks, Roberta
  7. Sounds like a fun idea. Something you can do while watching American Idol this year ...
  8. wow, the quilt, quilting, and Misty blue eyes are all beautiful. I really love the quilt, that is one of my favorite color combo's and you really did a great job quilting it. I am going to save it to my favorites.
  9. Well I missed the original story but it sounds like you got some great news today! Glad to hear it
  10. I am so happy today because I have been trying to find homes for my moms 2 cats because my dad is moving to assisted living next week and he can't take them. So, I posted flyers all over town in pet stores, vets office, on facebook, and dropped one off at my local quilt store. I love all the ladies (and gentlemen there). They actually helped me search for a new home and they found one for me. It was such a relief because I didn't know how I was going to take them to a shelter. Now, aren't quilters the best
  11. Can't wait till Tues. night .. what a pretty quilt. I am glad you are having fun. Quilting the day away sounds like a good time!
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