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  1. Hello Claudia! Welcome and congratulation on your new Milli. You will have tons of fun enjoy the first time playing, and please send pictures, we all love pictures have a great Sonday!
  2. Wow Claudia! That is sooo wonderful Big congrats! I am realy happy about that your awesome Quilt gets th Public Choice happy evening
  3. ...was also at OEQC in Veldhoven... http://picasaweb.google.de/lh/photo/7hdMC9PRnuG446HJOPhrMA?feat=directlink It was a funny night with you
  4. wow Nina! what a beautiful wallhanging! Love it, specially the background quilting around the awesome center medallion. Great jop... Congratulations
  5. congrats on your first Quilt Tine! very nice Quilt and beautiful quilting realy good job love it
  6. congratulations Judi! just saw it in the digital issue. OMG I love Tatoos... and yes, you realy have a great week! enjoy
  7. Hi Claudia, wish you and your students a realy great funny time! enjoy
  8. also like Baby Lock with air threading and automatic tension handling. I have the Imagine but I had rather the desire, because the 5 Threads and Cover Stitch.
  9. Hi Nina, welcome and congratulations on your new mille, you will love it
  10. Bonnie, HLx5 is ok for you machine, see here http://www.organneedles.com/media/pdf/ORGAN_product_range_envelope_2009.pdf, look on page 4.
  11. Congratulations Claudia!!! That´s it!!!! :cool: The preview looks realy great! can´t wait to watch the next 100 minutes have a nice evening!
  12. "big" congratulations Claudia!!!!! it´s so cool... 8) Turnabout is realy an amazing Quilt! Have a great happy dance Claudia
  13. Hallo Kerstin! Herzlich Willkommen und ganz viel Spaß mit Deiner Milli wünsch ich Dir! Wie wird sie denn heißen ? lieber Gruß Karin
  14. Uhhh Claudia! so excellent love the colors, the design, absolutely everything about this quilt have a great party!
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