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  1. I bought a used HF for my wonderful 2006 Milli. I have Myrna's workbook but no detailed directions on how to install. It mentions a need for another bar if you have a front mounted machine, which I do. Anyone know where I can get a set of directions online now? Thank you.
  2. I just bought a Hartley Fence that has never been used but was purchased for a 2005 Milli with CompuQuilter. My Milli is a 2006 that is front mounted. My HF book from Myrna says that I need an adapter to install since I have a front mounted machine. What adapter? I would like to use the HF ASAP but can't quite figure out how to install. Are there any installation directions online somewhere? Thank you.
  3. All of us attending APQS training in Des Moines today got one. Boy, do I feel special!!! Dawn sure can teach and my brain is swollen with new stuff.
  4. Having looked at the web sites, could someone give me the differences/similarities of the CL and Hartley Fence please. Why one or the other? Thank you. They both do designs??
  5. I do have the micro drive but would like a smaller foot so that I can see better around the foot. Does anyone know about a smaller foot?
  6. I really like not only your quilting but the piecing pattern as well. What is that pattern?
  7. I'm a real Newbie to longarm, but every time I go without the SR I have trouble with the needle cutting the thread because I don't move right away. Any suggestions other than make sure you are moving all the time? I agree that it is smoother and easier to work with, but using the SR gives me time to think about where I'm going. Kathy Milli Wahine
  8. Is there a smaller hopper foot for the Milli for small background work? The large foot is hard to work with great control for the very small work. Thank you. Kathy Milli Wahine
  9. Dawn, It\'s not that your hair and shirt aren\'t what I focus on, but the material in the DVD was priority #1 (and continues to be) Thx again.
  10. This is my first post. I\'ve been watching the messages since I decided to sell my old system and buy and APQS Milli. It arrived Monday and my DH (??) and I set it up by Tuesday. What wonderful directions. I\'ve already put a practice piece on and have done one free motion row and one panto row. Then needed to go out of town. Can\'t wait to get back. The DVD with Dawn was very helpful as well as the manual. I think I need to loosen the wheels a little. My circles look a little square. We\'ll do when I get home. Wonderful!!! Thanks to APQS and Sue Edberg for words of encouragement. (Don\'t know how to sign this??) Kathy New Milli Peoria, AZ