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  1. Does the 2008 used have all the features or just the new 2008\'s Thanks for you advice, I will be test driving one in about 2hours Eileen
  2. HI I am thinking if I do decide to purchase I am thinking a certified apqs millie may be the way to go. What are the differences in the years models I see they start 2001 on the site up to 2008. Any advantage of one over the other? The financing will not be an issue that is in place already? Does it make sense to buy a used millie and use the difference in the cost for extras? Is the new a better option with the 1000 off? Thanks Eileen
  3. I am going to my local dealer in LI tomorrow to test drive the Millie. I have been lurking a long time and reading all the posts. I am starting to do research. My local quilt shop said longarmers are in a great demand here. The local person did such great marketing that he has a wait of at least 6 weeks, many people are sending quilts to utah to be done faster. I will let you know how it goes. Newbie Eileen