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  1. I just discovered Urban Elementz from another forum I'm on. I thought I was in panto HEAVEN when I visited her site. way cool. Rose Hall
  2. Hallre

    Accuquilt Studio

    Almost all the applique I sell has fusible on the back. The studio does a great job. You won't be disappointed if you purchase a Studio. Rose Hall Custom Quilt Kits
  3. Hallre

    Web Site Construction

    I set my first one up using Google sites and then used a company in Maryland to register my domain name. I didn't have any kind of shopping cart, etc. It was very basic. I recently had Websites for Quilters redesing my website--Nikki Yoder is WONDERFUL to work with. Rose Hall Custom Quilt Kits
  4. Hallre

    new website!

    thanks! I'll work on the photos. Taking a great photo is not as easy as it looks...I'd rather be quilting! Rose
  5. Hallre

    new website!

    A link titled "At a Glance" is a great idea--I'll work on that this weekend for some of my more popular patterns. Rose
  6. Hallre

    new website!

    let me try this again... Rose
  7. Hallre

    new website!

    ugh. the picture didn't post--I have more problems with that! I'll try again!
  8. Hi everyone, I have been busy lately redesigning my website. This journey has taken me six months. I don't take that long on most of my quilts! www.customquiltkits.com Please check it out--I need input from people who do quilting as a business. I love this forum for the business advice--you have helped me so much. Also, for those interested, Malachi is 10 months old now. Hopefully he will sleep through the night soon. Here is a picture: Rose Hall
  9. I love the Sam's club idea. Do I contact my local Sam's club for more info? Rose
  10. darn it--I have MORE problems trying to get attachments to load, let me try again... Rose
  11. I marked this in my favorites a while back and am now ready to look into taking credit/debit cards. Any new suggestions? ideas?? BTW, this is the reason I haven't posted/lurked lately--been pretty busy...Malachi is 3 mo. old now. Rose Hall Custom Quilt Kits
  12. Hallre

    Booth Experience

    I agree--please post for all to see. After baby #2 is born in May I hope to start doing some quilt shows as a vendor this fall. thanks for any advice ya'll can give!! Rose Hall
  13. Hallre

    NQR Greatgrandma

    Congrats! sounds like her husband wasn't the ONLY one working all night. keep us posted. Rose Hall
  14. Hallre

    Accuquilt Go Cutter !!!

    Let me know if you want to do a DWR quilt--I can cut it for you! Rose
  15. Hallre

    Accuquilt Go Cutter !!!

    I have the double wedding ring pattern (for the Studio). It has the notches in it as well. Can't imagine now doing curved piecing with notches. I am spoiled!!! Rose Hall