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  1. Unless space is an issue, i would recommend a stand alone embroidery machine. As you may know, i am a Janome Dealer here in NC and i sell both types of machines. Remember....a combo machine can not sew and embroider at the same time. With separate machines, you can do both. Call me if you need more info. Kelley
  2. what kind of rep are you looking for?
  3. Interesting. several of my customers quilts have won ribbons at local shows and i have never expected anything but acknowledgment of who did the quilting on the entry form. To me....the ribbon belongs to the person who enters the quilt. If the show allows for more than one ribbon then that much better. Of course...was the quilt a collaboration between the quilter and piecer? IE....no money exchanged hands and the quilting was done with the expectation that any and all winnings would be split between the parties? As i see it, we provide a service for a fee and that's all. We have been paid an
  4. Here is a Video of both the compuquilter and Side saddle doing the same pattern at the same time. Hope this works!
  5. Joanne and I just had the side saddle installed on our 2007 Milli and I am very impressed. By the way…We are now DEALERS for Side Saddle so, be sure and give us a call to schedule a test drive. 336-339-5190 Believe it or not...we have both the Compuquilter and Side Saddle hooked up to two separate machines on one frame. It’s a pretty cool setup. Here is a link to both systems running at the same time.
  6. I have a 14 foot ultimate 1 frame and would like to go to 10 feet. Anyone want to trade? I only need the table and rollers. This is the same table as a milli but only has three rollers instead of 4..Yes...i can have them cut down but i prefer to trade. Or....? Anyone out there?
  7. Outstanding Job and congrats Roland. I think the fabric is COOL!
  8. WOW! I love the colors. And the quilting makes it awesome!
  9. Awww...Everyone thanks so much. The show will have between 130 and 140 quilts.with lots of talent. The quilt will hang in the professional category because i quilt for others. Funny thing is....i only do edge to edge pantos by computer for customers. not much time for practice. Still...This quilt is my third and i see a big improvement over my first. I cant wait to start my Fourth!
  10. LOL....congrats! and welcome to the world of frogs.
  11. Whooo hoooo! The binding is on. The only thing left is the hanging sleeve and label and then I enter my first judged quilt show. Thank you for all the great naming ideas. After lots of pondering, I have decided to name it shadow of a mantis. For some reason…the mantis comment struck me. Finally…I did micro mctavishing instead of micro stippling. Talk about going cross EYED! Ouch! Here are the final pics.
  12. LOL...Rita....I was responding to another Rita who asked the question. No offense taken by either of you. Have a wonderful day and i'll see ya soon. Also...thank you to everyone who responded. I am planning on entering this into a local show at the beginning of the month. One question....I was thinking of micro stippling on the outside of the fans but i am having second thoughts. What about micro mctavishing in those areas and micro stippling inside the knots? Any other suggestions would be awesome!
  13. Rita...this was done without a computer and the Mctavishing was done without stitch regulation. I took Karen's advice and just set the speed to high and let it rip. SCARRRRY but worth it. I like Kell-tic 3 alot! Joanne likes the cloak and dagger thing. Thank you very much for the suggestions. My first two quilts were easy to name because allot of planning went into them. Note the two yellow flower head pins in the first pic. those are places i missed and need to stitch. What a great forum...Again, thank you sooo much!
  14. I designed it by combining stencils and auditioning them. The shadow is black and red felt. snipping close was next to impossible but ...after a few tries...i figured out how to get around that hurdle. live and learn.
  15. thanks vicki and Linda. i wish the pictures were not so dull...its very colorful in real life. hmmm shells.
  16. sorry about some of the bad pictures...i am replacing them as i get better ones from my real camera. camera phones are good for some things but not detail. Its been a while since I’ve been on here. Life has been busy and it has been very hard to find time for quilting. This is my third quilt. Micro stippling around the feathers and inside the knots should finish her off and then its binding time! Does anyone have any ideas for a name? I designed this on the fly and I didn’t really have a theme in mind. How does “Quilt Number Three” sound?
  17. Hi Carol, The machine comes with the instructions and CD. It also has the two standard pantos that came with it. No bobbin winder. The bobbin winder that came with it Died very soon after the machine was purchased.
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