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  1. In Watertown, South Dakota Machine has Stitch Regulator, Power Advance, Stand Alone Turbo Bobbin Winder, Ruler Mate, Manual w/ DVD, Upgraded to Edge rider Wheels. Towa Bobbin Gauge, Upper Tension Gauge, Hartley Spool Holder, 22 Extra Bobbins and Case, Extra Light Bulb, Black Light Bulb, Zipper System with Extra Zippers, Extra Fuses, extra motor brushes, extra belt, Packing Grease, Many Ruler, Stencils and Pounce powders, Many Pantographs designs, Many cones of Thread, Several Longarm Quilting Books and DVD's. I love this Machine but selling my home, and moving to a one Bedroom Apt. Must sell, Machine ready just load your Quilt and go, nothing more to purchases. $5,000.00 buyer to move. Call for more details. 605-520-0191. or Email me ableknot@outlook.com SOLD
  2. Great Idea I have that same doily made by my grandmother.
  3. Check the spring on bobbin case, or try a new bobbin . I keep a spare bobbin case just for this reason.
  4. I own a Liberty and have no problem doing large quilts. I have finished King size on my 12 ft. table. Love my Liberty!
  5. Piano keys on outside, ginkgo leave in the green, outlined all the details in picture with gold thread, and leaves around a flowered motif. I sure hope the customer will like it.
  6. It so sad that things like this happen, She will be in my prayers
  7. I use aclohol on my rails and with q-tip to clean the wheels every AM
  8. It all started Tuesday my daughter delivered me a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a note I was to go the next day to Absolute Salon at 10:30, were one of my sons had set up for me to get my nails done, a facial, then make over with makeup, a hair dye and cut and styled. I was a queen for a day! If you have never had a facial you must try one. That it not all this weekend my daughter is taking me shopping for a new outfit. My children are the best! Was in tears!
  9. 2013-01-22 18.14.50 by Edie Julius, on Flickr Customers Quilt 2013-02-26 14.03.27 by Edie Julius, on Flickr One for my grandson Aaron 2013-03-25 09.33.26 by Edie Julius, on Flickr Customers Quilt 2013-04-16 11.38.43 by Edie Julius, on Flickr Customers Quilt Front 2013-04-16 11.39.39 by Edie Julius, on Flickr Customer Back of Quilt 2013-03-08 15.57.02 by Edie Julius, on Flickr My helper Jordan Quilt Front 14 (2) by Edie Julius, on Flickr Grandson Jordan Grad T-Shirt Quilt 4 years in the making LOL The Back at his Graduation his guest signed Block and my Daughter in Law wanted his baby pic added Jordan Quilt back (2) by Edie Julius, on Flickr
  10. I had a day like that the other day, My daughter went to rip the embroidery that I did in the wrong color for her and put a hole in the fleece blanket she was making.
  11. Living is South Dakota is not fun this spring we are having a blizzard that is suppose to last 3 days. No problem just stay in the basement Quilting.
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