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  1. Carol, I like to ditch any of my customer quilts that might have issues if it is a custom quilting job. Obliviously you would not ditch an all over design, edge to edge or pantograph. Your goal is to contain any problem areas so they don't migrate into larger problems. When you ditch a quilt you also want to make sure the blocks, Sashings, borders etc, are straight. Good luck!

  2. Another customer quilt is done. She pieced this using gorgeous batiks. In the center of each block she asked me to quilt a hibiscus flower, a little hard to see with the fabrics. You can see it better in the picture of the back. I did piano key quilting in the border, circles in the skinny border, elongated diamonds in the purple sashing, continuous curves in the large printed triangles and the small cream triangles.post-3234-0-24852900-1469124282_thumb.jpegpost-3234-0-79529000-1469124300_thumb.jpegpost-3234-0-52795000-1469124313_thumb.jpegpost-3234-0-53192900-1469124322_thumb.jpeg

  3. Circle Lord Basic Plus Kit with dvd, featherz 12" board, spiral board, King size Swirls giant boards, King size Cosmos giant boards, rear stylus. From R&S Designs: Baptist Fan (3 boRds that are 24" wide x 10 1/4" design height, concentric circle board with circles from 1" to 17 1/2".

    This was used on my APQS Millie, deluxe table (no bliss for the the Circle Lord Basic Plus kit). Retail value $1,255.00. Selling for $900.00.

    I will be at MQS Cedar Rapids May 9 -13, I can bring it with so you would not have to pay shipping. Cash only.post-3234-0-09400600-1462657832_thumb.jpegpost-3234-0-97345600-1462657877_thumb.jpegpost-3234-0-87663900-1462657887_thumb.jpegpost-3234-0-76454800-1462657911_thumb.jpegpost-3234-0-94118300-1462657930_thumb.jpeg

  4. I went last year, and will be attending again this year. Last year there were vendors missing that we hoped to see. There was a stencil vendor there, hopefully they will be there again. It definitely is not like Overland Park, KS with all those vendors.

    See you in Cedar Rapids!

  5. Janice,

    I had the same issue with mine when I first got the machine that I have. I took the brake off the machine, used Goo-Gone to remove any of the residual sticky from the where the Velcro had been. Then I used rubbing alcohol to make sure it was clean and reapplied the Velcro. I have not had anymore issues with the Velcro.

    You can also tighten the brake lever. You will need an allen wrench, and with the blue handle straight out from the brake, not locked, hold on to the handle and tighten the screw underneath the handle with your allen wrench.

    Good luck!

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