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  1. Thanks for all the comments. And yes, I do have a machine. Bought a Lenni named "Rosalind" last June. The only spare parts I was thinking of getting are a bobbin case and some pigtails. Already bought a packet of the aluminum bobbins. Really only thinking of getting the bobbin case because when I am winding a new bobbin, sometimes I leave the case on the table or the quilt, and I can envision one of my cats taking off with it ("Little Guy, I know it's you!") And Laurie: I'm starting up a mini-group in my quilt guild (Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County) for L-A and frame people. You could join too! onwards!
  2. Hi everybody: I'm taking the APQS classes next week in Iowa - both the one day classes on quilting (beginning and advanced) and the two day maintenance class. Wondering what you'all's experience has been: mostly what I should take or prepare for.... Even comments on what to do in the two cities (towns?) would be appreciated. TIA. Donna from Wine Country, CA
  3. yeh, agreed, that sidewinder is junk. maybe if I super-glued it to a really heavy base, it would be somewhat useful. fortunately my DSM Pfaff 7570 (yes-about 15 years young) has an on-board bobbin winder that fits the Lenni bobbins. works great. Now if the Lenni just had a "bobbin thread about empty" sensor like my Pfaff...
  4. Hi all - I'd love to hear your answers to these questions: 1. do you have an Extended Base of some kind, and do you leave it on all the time? 2. do you look at the underside of the quilt periodically to check tensions? and how do you do that? thanks,
  5. I just got my Rosalind (a.k.a. Lenni) with the Grace Pinnacle frame. Like it alot. It comes with a plastic "shelf" for right under the head which fits into the frame with gooey stuff. Strong enough adhesion to hold fast even when my largest boy cat jumps up to sniff the new placements - any change and he inspects it The lack of leveling bar doesn\'t seem a big deal to me - have to roll the other rollers around when moving the quilt sandwich forward anyway, so one more to adjust is OK. BTW - the picture (avatar) to the left is not of my big boy, but of my biggest girl. She\'s still afraid of the upper reaches of Rosalind.
  6. I just went to the edgerider website and it doesn\'t mention that the wheels fit the Lenni, and there is no price listed. ?? I was doing free hand hearts last night - using the factory installed wheels - and I definitely noticed a \'catch\' and a \'hitch\' when going in certain directions. Not totally smooth. I know I need more practice (don\'t most of us? or at least that\'s the excuse we use to get back on the machine :cool: ) But seeing this topic makes me think it is only PARTLY my muscle ability causing those lopsided hearts.
  7. Hi all... I have been doing the PPP thing and now have three new cat cuddles/SPCA items. Doing free motion hearts and geometrics, etc. And one "art quilt". All required me to stop the line of quilting somewhere OTHER than one side or the other. Which brings me to the question: what do you all do to clip the bobbin thread without the factory-installed bobbin thread cutter which comes on other machines? Since these are small quilts (15 x 25 inches finished), I can reach under and follow the bobbin thread with a pair of scissors until I get to the right spot then just turn the scissors, which are VERY sharp, and do a razor cut. I\'ll be interested to hear your techniques.
  8. Folks - You can see how much traffic your website is getting by looking at the statistics that your web hosting company provides online. (Getting there might be a technical challenge, depending on the hosting site.) So before you cancel your website due to "no business from it" check out how much traffic it gets. That said, just having a website isn\'t enough - you need to have the internals which draw people there - and that is programming/computer code. The "build your own" sites don\'t do the SEO (couldn\'t resist another acronym for this forum - that is Search Engine Optimization) for you: you or your designer have to do it. And the search engines keep track of how recently a site is updated, and that factors into how close to the top of the first page of results your site is placed when someone types in "quilting service" or some such phrase. back to my LA practicing...
  9. Holly - please see your U2U inbox...I\'ll stick to LA topics in public, professional web stuff in private...
  10. Hi - I am a professional web site developer, when I\'m not playing with Rosalind, my new lenni For me to put my money someplace, I have to feel good about the company and product. Personally, I do not care for the advertizing that Go Daddy does: the themes are skimpily clad bathing beauty type girls doing something to attract men in a very body-centric way. I put my money and my clients on Very inexpensive yet still good service. And I just checked: they do have a "Page Wizard" site builder. And loads of other free add-ons, like a shopping cart and email lists and... and... Good luck.
  11. I, too, look forward to the Summer Solstice (here in Northern California). We\'re having a party too. Yesterday it was 102 locally, and I felt smug that I had placed my new machine in the coolest part of the house. OK, it is the living room and the machine is slated to move upstairs next month. For now, though, I escape the heat of my office and what else is there to do downstairs but quilt ? :cool:
  12. I agree that these workhorses are most likely female. And I name all my cars after female actresses, so the machine gets the same. I think she\'s asking to be named Rosalind, after Rosalind Russell, think "His Girl Friday" movie with Cary Grant. She was quick and resourceful and useful to have around. Not exactly pretty, but always a kick. And she took care of everyone around her. See her bio at and BTW: Jeep CJ-7 = Audrey (as in Hepburn) Porsche 911 = Kate (as in Hepburn) Volvo wagon = Inky (as in Julie Inkster - well, not an actress, but golfer) Porsche Boxster = Blythe (as in Danner) :cool:
  13. My new Lenni is itching for some decorations... I\'ve seen photos of geckos holding onto the freestyle handles...but I\'m thinking of a magnet or three. The manual doesn\'t indicate any internal electronics that would seem to be affected by a magnet. But I\'m being careful - my computerized Pfaff DSM certainly comes no closer than arm\'s length to my magnetic pin box. So... can I put a magnet on the body? thanks.
  14. Don\'t know about the rest of you, but usually the binding is what keeps me from finishing a charity quilt. Then.... I went to the Rocky Mountain Quilting Museum in Golden, Co. and saw art quilts with SERGED bindings. Eureka! Great for quick-finish, sturdy charity quilt bindings. And I can use the odd color cones of thread that my brother bought for me/my serger at a yard sale. Kids love bright colors, right ? ! Where else would I use that hot pink cone? I also saw quilts with burned edges, seems quick, but doesn\'t seem to fall in the "sturdy" category. As for the tops themselves, my fabric angels have aligned me with three donations so far of deceased quilters/no-longer-quilting people\'s UFO stashes. So I have tops galore. :cool:
  15. Jan - hum...I see that my reply interpreted by HTML code and gave the formatting to your signature. Here is what you need to type: < (open caret) <== don\'t type this followed with <== don\'t type this font face=arial size=12 pt color=red followed with <== don\'t type this > (close caret) <== don\'t type this Jan S. < (open caret) <== don\'t type this /font > (close caret) <== don\'t type this Does that make sense?