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  1. I'm cutting kits to bring & am taking a quick trip to Bali before the meeting & hope to bring back some more beautiful batiks for my kits! Can't wait to spend time with new like minded friends. Hope to see you at the next meeting Lyn. Will be in touch before then to find out what to bring for lunch. Food helps creativity.....doesn't it?
  2. Awesome Julie! Can't wait for our first meeting of the Kangaroxies! It will be great to have some local APQS support!
  3. Awesome quilting Julie! You are going to need your air conditioning running for the next few days if you intend to quilt. It's never too hot to quilt, is it!
  4. Hi Julie, I piece almost exclusively in batiks & obviously quilt all my own quilts! I find that it behaves well & is no problem to quilt. I usually use a combo of Rainbows (colours are just made for batiks), Bottom Line & Matilda's wool/poly. I buy all my batiks on my trips to Bali & rarely prewash. I love batik, it is my favourite fabric to work with as each piece is so unique!
  5. Hi Lyn, No can't make it this year! Booked in for an op on my foot first thing Monday & have much to do! Will be off my feet for quite a while so I am running around like an idiot trying to get organised. Have to sit with my foot up for the first 2 weeks so I have my bindings to sew & think I am pretty limited with what I can do for the 4 weeks after that. Joy, I was thinking it would be nice if someone else could get some use out of them. I don't want them gathering dust, they are too good for that!!
  6. I have a Circle Lord for sale that is for a Lenni table. I also have various templates as well as long boards. Please let me know if you are interested & I will list what I actually have. I am happy to negotiate a price as I want them to be used. My IQ arrived today so I don't think I will be needing them soon.
  7. Well done ladies & keep up the great work! I must admit that whilst holidaying in the USA I was gobsmacked at the size of the food serves in your restaurants & even your fast food chains. Your mini chicken meal is our medium size meal at the Golden Arches. Your serves are huge & the problem is, as kids we are told not to waste food because there are so many people that cannot afford it. So we dutifully "clean" our plates & thats how it all begins. Australia is the second fattest country after the US & we don't have our portion sizes anywhere near the size of yours so I'm not sure what our problem is!
  8. Airfares are down??? Better go & check! I might surprise everyone & drop in for show & tell If only......
  9. I have the side snappers too & like Heidi said they take a bit of wearing in! Think...OMG what have I done! Having said that, they are just brilliant! Very durable, not at all flimsy. I am very happy with them now I can open them
  10. Wow! You girls are a wealth of knowledge! I had never heard of comic book cards let alone a comic book store.... I am all ordered & waiting for my cards to arrive. I WILL get organised one day with all these great tips!!!
  11. Centre the backing??? My policy is the top ends up ....somewhere in the vicinity of the centre of the backing!!!!
  12. Wow Joy! Your website is awesome! I was getting inspired just looking through your gallery. I might have to drive up to Cohuna & play one day. Do you love your IQ? Is it paying it's way? I would love one I think but I am not sure about the expense or the learning curve.
  13. Hey Myrna! How about an quick impromptu feather class for the Melbourne girls? All jokes aside, I have Sue's contact numbers if you can't catch her via email;)
  14. No better time than now, with our strong Aussie dollar! I do think you should ask for a personal delivery & setup though! ;) Enjoy your new machine!
  15. Hi Pat! Can't wait to hear how you go...please keep us informed as we are keen for you to be successful!:)
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