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  1. I will be moving to the Fredericksburg VA area soon and will need someone to set up my machine for me after I move. Does anyone know someone in this area that does that?
  2. The Sizzix dies work but require an adapter that is available. If it is not on the Accuquilt website, it is on the Accucut website.
  3. Accucut markets the adapter for the GrandeMark, which is the same as the Studio. I had previously called them about the machines and was told that the GrandeMark and the Studio were identical. On the website they say it is for using the older Accucut dies and the Sizzix dies, so if properly used, I don't think it would void your warranty. I opted for the Studio over the Go because it is much sturdier and I have the room for it. I have been busy cutting my scraps up into the shapes that came with the Bread and Butter package and making sampler blocks. I also bought the Winding Ways Block when they were having a sale. Expensive block, but I love this pattern. Having the block die cut makes putting it together a snap - no problem doing the curves - no special foot. Recently there have been great sales on some of the dies. I hope they continue doing this. I can't afford too much, but will splurge on myself once in a while.
  4. Ebony Love has a video on her website showing how to use the Sizzix dies with the Studio. She also explained somewhere on the yahoo group how to use the GO dies (although Accuquilt doesn't endorse this). I have ordered the tray adapter. I got it on the Accucut Craft Website for Educators because they have a 30% off coupon on that site with free shipping. It cost be $14. http://quiltpossible.com/category/videos/
  5. I would definitely recommend looking for a used Brother 1500 if you want it just for quilting. It is a great straight stitch machine. It can handle multiple layers of fabric easily and it has the pin feed, which is great for sewing on the bias and handling log strips of fabric.
  6. I did that with my batiks and started making some of the squares from their Studio Mix and Match free patterns: http://www.accuquilt.com/Free-Patterns-W86C505.aspx
  7. The entire die needs to go in at an angle. Watch the video on the Accuquilt website. I had the same problem at first when I wanted to jump right into it.
  8. I am a special ed. teacher and YES, the union is necessary! In recent times, it is not unusual for schools to try to deny services to those students who need it the most, especially if the parents are naive or poor. There have been many times where I have had to fight for what my students need and are entitle to. I would not have been able to do that if it were not for the union. When a school official did try to retaliate, it was the union that came to my rescue. I have seen the same happen to hard-working nurses when they try to act in the best interest of the patient instead of profits.
  9. I am going to reply from the point of view of a union representative: It is more than likely that when the actual job description for the position is reviewed that your specialized skills are not a prerequisite for the job (even though they actually are, I bet that is not in writing). If she is on a disciplinary plan (we call it an improvement plan) and has not improved but is still employed, it is because someone at the management level has not done their job and documented her deficiencies. If she has improved and is now deemed to be competent, and meets the requirements for the position, then, by seniority, it should be hers. Without negotiated policy for layoff, employees run the risk of layoffs that are predicated on favor and prejudice. One thing I have learned over the years, is never assume that your employer really feels that you are indispensable. They will tell you whatever fits their needs at a particular time.
  10. I just got it 3 weeks ago. I bought the Studio Bread and Butter Starter when it was on sale. Then my daughter bought me the 2" strip and the 10" block set for my birthday (with a 25% off Facebook code). It was love at first sight. I have lots of "What was I thinking" fabric, but I have been cutting it into squares and half square triangles and doing sampler blocks. Piecing triangles has never been so easy! And I can cut 60 at a pass! It cuts strips perfectly every time. It is much more expensive than the GO, but in my opinion, worth it. I was originally going to get the GO but my husband reminded me about my adventures with quilting frames. I wasn't happy until I had the best.
  11. I've been using Vilene, which is a woven dissolving stabilizer for embroidery. I haven't had any problems with it rinsing away.
  12. And the answer is . . . Yes, they will work great. I've got hundreds of hearts. What I'm gonna do with them, I don't know.
  13. My Rowenta caught fire. When I complained to the company, they responded it was "normal wear and tear." The iron was turned over to the Consumer Protection Agency for testing, and was eventually recalled, but by then I gotten rid of it. They offered me $10 off a new purchase. Yea, right!
  14. Does anyone know if the Accucut dies are compatible with Ellison dies? I want to get the Studio while it's on sale and tame my scrap stash, but I do have access to borrowing Ellison dies from school.
  15. rrteach

    Washer size

    Found lots and lots of pins but no washer. Thank you for letting me know that there were two sizes. It's off to the hardware store tomorrow. I'll get some of each.