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  1. Dory It looks fabulous, even better than you described I am so happy for you and Dennis after all the hard work of relocation you will be so happy as you both already know and love the area. It is such a bonus for me that you are now only a day's drive to visit. I had so much fun with you at MQX west and can't wait to do it again!!!
  2. Myrna I sent you a u2u You made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Besides my hubby made me really mad so he is buying me a nice iron for valentines day.
  3. I want to thank everyone for their kind words, yes it has been a very difficult time for my family the past several weeks. It is heartwarming to know that my friends from the forum are sending their kind thoughts and words. I have been very lucky to meet many of you in person and have gotten to feel like I have met several of you just through online conversations. This forum really is like a big family. Thank you for your support and understanding, it is the feeling of utter uselessness and helplessness to help my daughter and her boyfriend and to not be able to ease their pain that has
  4. Thank you Patty Jo, I appreciate your kind thoughts
  5. Linda Thank you for your kind words. They are greatly appreciated.
  6. Perfect!!!! No wait, we should slip something in his coffee, maybe a sedative, or a happy pill, better yet, he should get a labotomy.
  7. Do you want to come to Canada and help me get my studio in shape???????? I could rally use someone to kick my a$$ as it is starting to look like a tornado went through. Let's just say, I have been in a funk lately and it shows Oh by the way, love your new avatar, looin' good!!!
  8. Oh my!!!! You don't check in for a while and things turn upside down. Last time I was on the forum Heidi was the go to girl for design ideas...... I have a fondness for feathers so I would feather the light areas and do a triangle spiral in the brown areas. Sorry don't have the ability to draw on the pictures.
  9. Myrna, How can you tease me like that!!!! I have an iron addiction, and it is hard to resist such a deal!!!! Life has been really cra@@y around here and I am a big believer in retail therapy. Besides an iron is cheaper than a therapist...... If the Canadian $ goes above par I might just have to drive down to Spokane and pick it up:)
  10. Please do me a huge favor and don't waste anytime praying for things to work out. You are already luckier than you can imagine. Count the blessings you and your family have been given and enjoy this time. I am arranging to pick up my grandson's ashes this week. He was far too young and didn't stand a chance. My daughter was only 19 when she had to go through 24 + hours of labour to deliver a stillborn. My daughter and her boyfriend's lives as well as mine and the rest of my families' will be changed forever. Life comes at you fast, get on board (which is what it sounds like you have a
  11. Love mine, but it in no way compares to a vacuum like a Dyson, or other full size. I use it on a regular basis to pick up the dog fur that seems to accumulate on a daily basis. Hands down, would buy one all over again. Lisa
  12. Heidi, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAOPIMP You just can't make that kind of story up, that is just too funny. CJ, Your parents are very lucky people, I hope they know just how special a gift like this is!!! on the off chance they just don't absolutely adore it, you can send it my way, I will gladly take it off their hands Lisa
  13. Dory beat me to it!!!! We have been planning on attending a quilt show together for the past couple of years and this year is it MXQ west :cool::cool:
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