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  1. Dave, You are DA BOMB! Sounds like there isn't a magic height listed, so anywhere, up or down, on that needle bar housing, should be O.K. I think I'm going to put in a practice quilt and decide by the comfort level there. If I get these in a position that I like, I'm going to try to get used to swiveling the lower sections to the back, when not needed. Heck, if I took them off completely, I might put them somewhere "safe." And we know that's not good. heh heh
  2. I'm the happy 2nd owner of a set of Hartley Micro Drive Handles and need a little info. I don't want to install it too high or two low on the shaft of my Freedom. (No other way to say it.) I'd rather not wait until APQS opens on Monday, 'cause my 925 frowns on personal calls. For any of you, who have Hartley Microdrive Handles, on your Millenium or Freedom, please private message me if you have installation instructions. When I received another Hartley product, there were plenty of instructions, so I know that they're always careful to make installation a smooth process. I've already received many opinions, tips and tricks, and yet I'm really only looking for the instructions that were provided by the manufacturer or APQS.
  3. Dawn, You're "Da Bomb!" I'm going to play with the threads and bobbin tensions and mark them with finger nail polish (and write down the color code somewhere. hehe) You and Karen McTavish just love to tease us about not licking the Vanish. I love using water soluble thread in clothing for basting in a zipper or sleeve seam. Now I get to use it creatively.
  4. Dawn, Now that I'm comfortable with the Bottom Line thread and how to set my Freedom, I'm willing to start branching out to other threads. In class, you suggested a couple of extra bobbin cases for use with other threads. That made a lot of sense to me and I have a couple of extras. With Trapunto, I'll need to use the water soluble, Vanish, thread. Some customers are also anxious for me to start using King Tut. Please tell me whether Vanish or King Tut need a bobbin case, and probably upper tension, set looser or tighter? Am I on the right track or do I need someone to walk me through this in a class setting?
  5. Yes, I'd be curious to know if it's a stitch-n-flip method also. I suppose if some are comfortable with using the long arm for sewing on the binding, then piecing can't be far behind.
  6. The replacement brake assembly has arrived. I've installed it on the Hartley Fence and it works as it should. The PayPal Dispute is now closed.
  7. Anybody know how those really small wooden hangers are made? They're only a couple of inches wide and barely cover up much of the quilt that they're "pinching" in their openings. Is there a marble inside them to keep the binding tight when it's held vertically?
  8. About a year ago, I found my saddle stool at one of the vendors on I can quilt happily for hours now! Make sure you get the higher one. It rolls on carpet fast enough. If I were on a slick floor, I'd really have to hold onto the rails. hehe Don't know what I'd do with a back on the stool, since I climb onto it from the back. Really!
  9. Check out this website: They have 683 designs!
  10. CC or Terry Twist? Where do I go to learn what these shortcuts mean?
  11. Persephannie, There's a U2U from me in your inbox. Noele