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  1. Teresa, you and your family are in my prayers. Keep your chin up and try to think of one thing each day that made you smile. You'll get less wrinkles that way!
  2. Oh boy are you ladies getting punchy or what!?? They are called Plumber's Cracks here since the plumber is always bending over or looking under something!
  3. I like Terri's double loopy vines, they look good with cars! It's a great looking quilt, I love the trucks and cars!
  4. Hi Janet, thank you so much for the lovely double sawtooth block, the colors are great. It's going to look great in my quilt!
  5. I picked fresh green beans, green peppers, tomaotes and a lemon cucumber today, ate most of them for dinner with grilled chicken marinated in terakayi sauce. What a delicious dinner. Tomorrow will have to pick summer squash and zucchini and basil which I will put in the food processer with olive oil, chop and then freeze for the cold months. The weather in Bucks County, PA has been wonderful for the veggies this year. I've even got my fist mini-pumpkin on the vine out there! I should have been quilting too but the garden needed me more! Off to the machine now! Enjoy everyone, summer is half g
  6. Hi Caron, I saw you quilt on the site the other day, I bid and won a quilt last month. They sure are cute little quilts! I hope that yours brings in big bucks! :cool:
  7. Joann, I never thought that I'd buy into Crocs but with high arches and hating to wear shoes they really make my feet feel better when I spend hours at the machine! I do however need to wear socks in them, I find them sweaty! They really are cushiony/bouncy to wear!
  8. Janet, Can you add more leaves with your quilting and maybe some clouds in the sky? I would created lines in the snowy areas to give it depth and maybe some boulder shapes on the moutain? I could suggest more if I could see the quilt, can you post a picture? Quilting veins in the Aspen leaves is always good and bark on the trees.