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  1. Sandra, My thoughts and my prayers are with you and your family. Patsy
  2. Sheryl- My thoughts and my prayers are with you and your family, now and in the future weeks to come.
  3. 2/26 Would love to send blocks. U2U me the address. Praying for you and your countrymen.
  4. Kristina - so happy the accident turned out better than it could have -- the Lord truly is there. Cheryl is so cute -- those eyes. At her age there won't be much of a scar anyway. You have a wonderful family.
  5. Heidi - so sorry for your daughter. And for you - it is so hard to see your child suffer. Hope the kidney stone issue is resolved soon. You all are in my prayers.
  6. Cheri - how sad for your niece and her children. I will pray for strength and peace for her. And for all of the family.
  7. Suzanne - Thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends and all your fellow countrymen. The devastation must be unbelievable. I am so sorry. Patsy
  8. Just realized I never answered those who replied to my post when I FINALLY got my picture posted!! The quilt pictured was actually done some time ago - I will find instructions and give you the demensions, Hitomi. It is Turning 20. I loved the colors too - actually fabrics were chosen to complement elk picture on wall above bed. I do have one more picture, closer up, that I will post, Louise. Thanks everyone.
  9. I found as a new quilter itwas well worth my time to really examine other people's quilts and the quilting on them, at fairs, quilt shows, etc. It is an eye-opener -- most quilts have points that do not meet, seams that are a bit crooked, a little tuck here and there. And examination of the quilting shows SID that wavers a bit, maybe an overlapping feather, etc. All made by fellow humans and all not quite perfect in every detail, but all beautiful and all just fine! So we should not be so hard on ourselves, none of us are perfect! And it is ok!
  10. Good for you. Why is it so difficult for us as women to claim time for ourselves and not feel guilty? My goal when I retired was to do only as much quilting for others as I could comfortably do without compromising my own activities. So far I have done pretty well with that but it is not always easy to say 'No, I can't right now' After all when we are 'retired' we are supposed to have all the free time in the world, right?
  11. Good luck - hope all goes well. And be sure you give yourself a little 'recovery' time; think it is easy to overdo when we don't really feel all that bad. Enjoy your daughter and let her thrive on taking care of you.