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  1. Adding my prayers to the others....... Having to wait is the hardest thing.
  2. Well, I don't think I will get the casters. That's fine. I think the furniture thingys will work fine for what I need. Shana - my room is 16 x 20 so I have the option of two walls that will fit my machine. I haven't decided which wall to use. I would either face out the sliding door to the backyard, or face the new doors into the dining room. One direction will give me longer floor space with plenty of room on either end of the frame and the other direction will give me a more square floor space and less space on each end of the frame. I just wanted to be able to try each space for a while t
  3. Well, I'm 5'1" so tall isn't good! My floor is wood laminate. I want to keep the hydraulics so I guess casters are out. Where does one get the furniture sliders? I'll probably do that then. Oh, and Lucy, why do you need the carpet squares under the sliders because of Bliss? Thanks!
  4. I will be moving my machine to my new studio in a few weeks. I will be disassembling it to do that. (I probably will be sending the machine in for a spa treatment and also upgrading to the Bliss system at the same time) I have 2 locations within the room that my machine will fit. I am wondering if having casters would be a wise choice for ease in moving my machine or if those furniture moving pads that I've heard about here would be the best choice. I have hydraulics installed and will be keeping them on since I use them often. Any advise or suggestions?
  5. I see alot of you have the front of the machine facing out from the wall and the back of the machine toward the wall. Is this because you mostly work from the back of the machine? I have the front of the machine facing the wall, so the wall is at my back when I work. I like it this way so I can see what is going on in front of me! Just curious.....
  6. I could only get the one photo to post. It is a 16'x20' addition to our nome off of the family room which will soon become the dining room. My "studio" is now in the living room which is, in essence, a living room/dining room combo. I can't wait to move into the new room! It is so bright and sunny and warm!
  7. My quilt studio addition was just completed. Actually, I haven't even moved in to it yet! I won't move in until June when I have some down time scheduled. I'm planning to send my machine head back for service and I am strongly considering doing the BLISS upgrade at the same time. Here are some photos. I'll post more when I actually move in.
  8. Most likely I'll be driving up from California. I have been looking at the different parking rates each of the hotels are charging. One of the was $18.00 a day! Yikes! Need to figure gas/parking vs airfare..... Haven't booked my room yet...
  9. Hey Laura!!!! Way to go!!! Congrats on the First Place wins! Beautiful quilting and beautiful quilts! You will be showing at one of the national shows any day now.....
  10. We are still waiting for the catalog to come out, right? I haven't missed it, have I? I looked today and didn't see where it might be. I am patiently waiting..... Does anyone know what "host" hotel is? I am planning on driving up from California and staying the week. Hopefully I'll have some passengers with me!
  11. What fun quilts!!!! My guess is that yours is the elephant with the martinis..... am I right? Linda - what were the guidelines for the challenge? Were the paint chips and the letters in separate envelopes? Would you be willing to share the details? I think this would be a good challenge for my guild.
  12. I am going to be there and I'll be bringing friends! I went to MQX in Providence this past spring and loved it. Looking forward to seeing the APQS folks again.....
  13. Thanks Shirley and Lisa! I'll make a note..... Lisa - we'll be driving through and most likely spending the night in Elko unless we decide to keep going and stop in Twin Falls. Elko is about 8 hours from us and Twin Falls more like 10. I wish we had more time so I could stop and say hi to you!
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