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  1. Very beautiful. Love the colors, the pattern, and especially the quilting. I love pebbles, but it doesn't take me but a little bit of pebbling to be tired of it. Terri S.
  2. So sorry to hear of your divorce, my husband and his first wife split after she was running around on him with his best friend, who she ended up marrying. It must be tough to lose a friend and a spouse at the same time like that. Terri S.
  3. When I bought my daughter's flute, I got a real steal off Ebay. I bid on the flute, and when the listing didn't make the reserve, the buyer e-mailed me and told me since I was the highest bidder she would take the amount that I had bid on it for. I got an almost brand new $1200 Gemeinhardt flute with a solid silver mouthpiece for $250, which was all I could afford. It would be worth a try to bid on some on Ebay. Terri S.
  4. Will be praying for your whole family. Terri S.
  5. You actually have a wealth of experience to draw on, the only problem I see is that you need the right resume style to highlight your accomplishments. A functional resume lists your qualifications and experience before it lists your employment history. An example can be found at the bottom left of the page at the following website: functional resume. I've used this resume quite successfully when I was first starting out as an engineer, and didn't have a lot of engineering experience but had a whole lot of other real life experiences working here and there. Good luck and your job search, and if you need any help writing a knock-your-socks-off resume, just let me know. Terri S.
  6. You truly made it an heirloom. Even at .08 psi she got a bargain considering the value you added. Terri S.
  7. Yikes! And I'm guessing, but your car is already on high ground....right? I'll keep ya'll in my prayers. Terri S.
  8. Ummmm, it's not like we're running around here in our panties or something. Whoever said that has made a sexist remark if I ever heard one. I guess my DH shouldn't be welcome at my LQS either? (The ladies love it when he comes in.) Of course you're welcome here. And don't read more into responses to posts than there really is. Terri S.
  9. Be aware that their pricing is about to change "substantially" to quote one dealer. Apparently the low, low price was only to get the machine on the market, and now that people are buying it, they're about to up the price. I was disappointed when I heard that, because their price wasn't listed or advertised anywhere as an "introductory price." Neal, with Innova, in an e-mail on the ABM Innova yahoo group, said that they would set the new price at their board meeting in September. Terri S.
  10. I received my package yesterday. And, like most of ya'll, I had to lay them all out and play with them. I have a pattern picked out, and plan on sitting down tonight and start sewing. Yeah!! Terri S.
  11. Fantastic job! It looks great. Remember, not everyone is going to have their nose right up to it like we do when we're quilting. You really did good on your feathers. Terri S.
  12. I took mine to the PO, and they should be there Wednesday! Thanks for the pics, I can't wait to see the whole shebang. That is a great mix of lights and darks. I may have to rethink what pattern I'm going to use. Terri S.
  13. I'm glad to hear you're okay. I've always heard that most accidents happen within 5 miles from home. Terri S.