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  1. Great pillows. I'm with Gator, tell us about your slip covers; they fit too well to be over the counter, right?
  2. Lora, I don't have an answer to your search, but I have been wondering about one myself. Years ago there was a thread that was called "baby poop" that went with everything. Does anyone know the real name of this thread and the brand/maker?
  3. Thank you Kathy, yes that is what I wanted to know. I really like the border with the half stars and the ghosts stars in the open area. Beautiful work.
  4. Kathy, that is absolutely fabulous work. Yes, it takes PPP, but there is also some talent there that has nothing to do with practice. I want to ask you how you go about forming your shadow stars in the open spaces; size, placement forming the shape, etc.? BTW I'm referring to another quilt that you posted. Olaf, I think? I have an uneven border that I need to fill and it can't be feathers and there are random star blocks in the border that makes it uneven and I thought maybe shadow stars and piano keys.
  5. Funny! Its an after market addition for rolling the quilt without grabbing the rollers; like on the gammill and innova. Jim Erickson might be the one who knows about this. I just wonder if there is something that will fit lenni since the rollers are a different size.
  6. Zeke, if you have one left after Rita, I'd be interested. I also have a Lenni. I'm also seeking info about handwheels for a Lenni. TIA.
  7. If I understand what you are asking, you are talking about two techniques that are not normally used together. A panto stands alone as the quilting. Outlining/SID usually goes with custom quilting. That being said, I have a baby quilt that has an appliqued deer in the center that is to be outlined and echoed. the rest of the quilt is to be done with a panto; but, the two(panto & SID) do not comingle.
  8. Try a sewing machine store i.e., sew n vac store. They don't usually wear(break) like that! They're very thick, they usually wear smooth/thin where they won't grip.
  9. I would outline all of the cross stitch x's on both sides and call it done for the blocks. Since I have trouble with custom designs for my self, I have nothing to add on the rest of the quilt. But I would do minimum on the blocks.
  10. Well I guess I'll jump in here with my 2 cents. I have had this happen to me in both cases, square and unsquare. I quilt my sister quilts for her and none, I mean none of them are square and she says she doesn't care, just quilt them. Now you can guess who has the problem trying to make theses monsters look good! Her quilts were not pieced with care and she didn't care. They almost always bowed in the center. And some, no matter what I did I could not correct this. Some were worse than others. I have quilted her quilts attached and floating, it doesn't matter, same result. Now, I have some other quilts that are pieced about as perfect as can be and I have almost no problems with them. The piecer prides herself on her work and it shows. It is a pleasure to work on her tops. Once in a while I will get one that the corners try to be longer as I go down the quilt. I watch that and ease those a little bit with each roll and by the time I get to the bottom, I'm back square. All that being said, I don't think my leaders are square, even, or what ever you call it. After pinning, if I run a straight line across the top I will run off the top at the end. Putting on binding I cannot use a lock for the stitching because I will have too large of a seam or run off the binding. I think the leaders are some of the problem, but it has A LOT to do with the top itself. Not only it being square but if there is any fullness in the top. Now that, to me, is more of an issue and probably the culprit, than square.
  11. I agree with Oma. Why test it any other way except by stitching first?
  12. Now I'm just the opposite. I don't wish to stay signed in, and I am, always, even when I sign out.(Now it didn't use to be like this. I could come to the forum and read. If I wanted to comment, I had to sign in. I then signed out for the day.) Now when I come back I'm still signed in. Apqs says it's "probably" me, don't know. I just know I would rather be signed in when "I" want to be, not always.
  13. Thank you, Sue. They don't seem to have the 60 wt. in large cone.
  14. Terry, I like how you quilted this, and your border is so creative! Thank you for the close up.
  15. After looking at yours again, I had to go look at mine again. The four patch isn't 3 inches, the nine patch is. That makes for a 9 inch block, which helped with the sanity issue . The blocks made up fast though!
  16. Cagey, I use exquisite and like it very much. I started searching for a local source for thread on cones, especially 60 wt. since I only use 60 in the bobbin. I found exquisite at a sewing machine shop that sells a lot of embroidery thread, etc. This thread is strong, has a nice sheen, runs smoothly, works well with any top thread and does not need to be tweaked. And, the price is right for the 40 wt., $2.50 /1100 yds. Not as good for 60 wt. The 60 wt. is new to the shop. Plus I'm looking for a source for a larger cone, 1100 yds. doesn't go far. I like it so well that I would buy it on line if I could find the larger cone. I've wondered about marathon as I see it at the shows also.
  17. Looks great Terry! I joined your insanity group a few years ago only I tried to keep(some of) my sanity by making the four patch equal 3 inches. Also, I didn't have a pattern. Unlike you, I haven't quilted it yet. How did you quilt yours?
  18. Diane, as usual you have done an excellent job. I admire your work very much. I have a question: about how large/tall/wide are your letters. They always look well balanced to the whole quilt.
  19. Can someone explain the purpose for having the laser shine on the needle? Enquiring minds want to know.
  20. My 4 year old grandson asked did I have his "blanket" ready, I was quilting it for his mother, but once I corrected him the next time he asked (can I say he's my worse customer to date ) he called it a quilt.
  21. Yes,Sheila. But, you are limited in choices in the various sizes. Sometimes the one you want is 13. Urban Elementz will resize theirs for a fee. I went larger on one that was too closely drawn and was very pleased with it.
  22. I have lenni on 10' table and love it. It's the perfect size for me, 5'1", but I wanted(still do) the 12' table. So far I've only had 2 quilts too large. As for pantos, which I mostly do, 13.5 is not quite manageable. You have to do some fudging(re drawing) at the top of the panto on the last few rows of the quilt.
  23. Lisa, Did you trace all of those designs yourself, and if so, from what?
  24. I don't have any recs because I can use any thread on my Lenni except metro. I can use it, but it requires a lot of tweeking and some(most) time I just don't care to be bothered. With that said, I have found so fine's variegated colors to be the same as tuts, and most people can use so fine.
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