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  1. Parents have the "right" to pray for their child. No matter how old the child is. My mom did not tell us how ill our father was because she did not want us to worry. We felt like we had the right to know so we could be praying too. A lot of upset people. Sometimes it is difficult to make those decisions. Go with your heart. Praying for you too.
  2. If I remember correctly, the 1530 was the last Bernia that was all metal. Both the 1230 and 1530 are the best!
  3. Happpy birthday, good going and enjoy your feel good moment. You are on your way.
  4. I have it. Love it. Quilt only for myself. Happy when the quilt leaves here. Goes out the door really fast with this one. Little kids seem to love it because it looks like puzzle pieces. Really nice on scrappy, busy quilts.
  5. Connie take care of yourself. We have a friend who lost her son this year because he chose the permanet solution to the temporary problem. Too sad for everyone. Take care of yourself. Everyone on here cares about you. Keep that in mind.
  6. Doodlebug, I lile your new avatar (?). picuture. Cute, cute, cute.
  7. We received that warning from our local police dept. Another thing mentioned was they would throw eggs on your windshield. Do not turn on the wipers because it will smear and dry. You won't be able to see and will probably have to stop.
  8. If you get a chance, look at Nancy Elliott MacDonald's book titled Winding Ways. The front cover shows how she has quilted this pattern. Inside are some good examples of quilting designs. Nancy is a great teacher. She shows you how to do this pattern practically pinless.
  9. I have used them for several years. When one finally goes, I get another one. Have never found anything that I like better.
  10. Go online to the publisher and see if they have back issues.
  11. Hi Nadia, I did call APQS support technician. Talked to Christie and she emailed me some really good information for both the burrs and the timing. Since I am challenged at things mechanical, I am have my friend and her Hubby come over next week since tonight did not work for both of us, to help me out. Keep trying to talk her into making him go to the maintenance class and then he could help lots of us. He has helped me a lot already. He is so smart with this type of thing. I think I just freek out and think what if I mess it up more than it is. - I know it is just a machine and I should be smarter that it, but it still scares me.
  12. Found it!! Replaced it. Started right back up. Thanks Kristina. Looking for a burr or it might be the timing. My friend is coming tonight hopefully with her husband to see what I might have done. I was doing the cleaning process and the needle caught the rag I had underneath the area to catch any excess oil. Have you ever seen a bar towel wraped completely around the bobbin area? Not pretty. Thirty minutes of cutting. Like giving the towel a "haircut". Little snips. Did I mention the needle was pretty crooked when I finally got the towel cut out? Maybe a burr. Too much fun. Beverly
  13. Looks like Eleanor Burns Tossed Nine Patch with sashing. Have heard it called Twist and Shout Nine Patch also.