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    IQ'd got a reaction from TammyJones in ClassiQ Intelliquilter for Sale!   
    I sold my 2008 14foot Millennium, but I still have the IQ for sale. It has been removed from the machine, of course, but it has the brackets for the blissed Millennium. It has the regular motors for it. I live in Nebraska and I bought it new in 2010. It is the complete IQ. I think they call it the ClassiQ? It has all the capabilities. 
    Please pm me here with any questions. $8500.00
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    IQ'd got a reaction from Sheri Butler in Now willing to sell machine separately!! Back for sale! Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri 14' Blissed, IQ'd Millennium   
    Machine and Circle Lord has sold! IQ still available. $8500.00 Firm
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    IQ'd reacted to IQ'd in Now willing to sell machine separately!! Back for sale! Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri 14' Blissed, IQ'd Millennium   
    2008 used Millennium. Bought new with
    zippered leaders
    fabric advance
    14 foot frame that was recently blissed
    original table frame and top available to make another shelf underneath
    separate turbo winder
    laser light
    LED lights with black light switch
    It comes with everything I got with the machine, PLUS many extras. I am not continuing to long arm so everything I have goes with it. I have many rulers, Circle Lord system with many boards, chalk marking.Thread and many bobbins, needles, oil, a printed manual. I also have the red snappers.
    I bought an IQ in 2010 and it is in fine working order. It has been updated and maintained. This alone is worth $12,500.00 new. It also has hundreds of designs with it.
    I am not shipping this machine,
    This will be sold as one unit and not sold off separately. Plus I am not able to ship because I can't physically do it.
    NOW! Willing to sell machine separately! IQ may be spoken for! 
    Machine only price is $9,000.00. It has the BLISSED table with the rails from the old table to make a nice table under your machine. 
    Come and get it! I am only asking $17,000.00. Located 16 miles south of York Nebraska.
    Julia Martin
    PM me if interested.
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    IQ'd got a reaction from Mary Beth in Now willing to sell machine separately!! Back for sale! Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri 14' Blissed, IQ'd Millennium   
    Please send any inquiries in message via this forum.
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    IQ'd got a reaction from Mary Beth in Now willing to sell machine separately!! Back for sale! Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri 14' Blissed, IQ'd Millennium   
    I have had a couple of nibbles, but that's all. I do feel a bit of anxiety about selling but I know it's something I need to do. I may have some tops to have quilted so I'll call on someone to do that for me in the future!
    My daughter is selling her house in town here and will be going on the road in her new used rv. She wants to go have adventures and I'm supporting her in her quest! She has no children or husband and in this very tiny town all she is doing is existing. There aren't many opportunities to meet new people and I want her to be happy. This really has no bearing on me selling my machine, just something that coincides with it. lol She'll probably do this for a while and find someplace to settle down again. Being a military brat there really isn't one place that she is "from". I am from here but this town has gotten so small and isn't the same anymore. I guess you can never go home again! Ha!
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    IQ'd reacted to RoseCity Quilter in "Hop to it" customer quilt   
    Seems like my presence here is sporadic these days.....,life just has been too busy to keep,up with all the social media things Inhave gotten involved in. Anyways I am here tonight.
    I finished quilting this quilt recently for my customer Liz Maki. The pattern is called "Hop to it" by Laundry Basket quilts.
    Liz's Hop To It Quilt by -RoseCity Quilter-
    Liz's Hop To It Quilt by -RoseCity Quilter-
    Liz's Hop To It Quilt by -RoseCity Quilter-
    I also wrote a blog on this quilt, https://rosecityquilter.wordpress.com/2016/03/05/lizs-hop-to-it-quilt/
    Pictures are taken accross the street from our new store at Camrose United Church. It is a great setting for the quilts and is so close!
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    IQ'd reacted to Mary Beth in Now willing to sell machine separately!! Back for sale! Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri 14' Blissed, IQ'd Millennium   
    I'm sorry you have to sell your machine. This is a great price, I hope someone grabs it soon. 
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    IQ'd got a reaction from LeeAnn in Now willing to sell machine separately!! Back for sale! Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri 14' Blissed, IQ'd Millennium   
    Thanks for your concern LeeAnn. I'm doing okay. I retired early due to extreme stress. Anyway I updated to the bliss, but I find I don't enjoy long-arming as much as I had hoped, plus too many other things needing the money. I hope you are doing well too!
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    IQ'd got a reaction from Sheri Butler in A NEW VENTURE IS UNDER WAY FOR ME.....   
    Good luck on your new venture! You will do well, I have no doubt!
    Fellow Nebraskan
    If you know any one wanting a good used machine, mine is for sale, with the IQ!
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    IQ'd reacted to delld in Snowmen in Black   
    This is Barbara N's quilt. I used Quilt Path to make a snowflake in the Pieced blocks and freehand on the black blocks. added a few trees and one tree with a swing. Two borders were super wavey but tamed them with quarter inch piano keys.  Learned so much using  QP. How to download a file.  Unzip the file and import it into QP. Next how to divide a block in two. 
    Used Floriani thread on top with filtec bobbins and wool batting.
    20141018_171756 by delld1964, on Flickr
    20141018_171809 by delld1964, on Flickr
    20141018_171818 by delld1964, on Flickr
    20141017_152303 by delld1964, on Flickr
    20141017_152606 by delld1964, on Flickr
    There are a bunch more pictures on flickr and thanks for looking.
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    IQ'd reacted to ffq-lar in A couple of recent finishes. Red and white, and a masculine one.   
    Here's a link to my Flickr photos. The first is a huge red and white (love love love two color quilts!) destined for a bed. Look at the great border print! Sorry, no good photo of the whole thing. It dragged on the floor from my 9 foot ceiling. I think it finished at 120". It has six huge similar blocks with floating squares in the vast white background. I did a medium McTav design in the background with CCs for the blocks. Scroll right for another view. So Fine and Bottomline thread with 100% cotton batting.
    Next up (keep arrowing right) is a several-years-old quilt from a class. It's always a challenge when the customer is not in love with the quilt after they finish it. I think a lots of class quilts and mystery quilts end up in the UFO pile because the spark just isn't there, whether from fabric choices or just being tired of looking at it for so long! My customer used a bear-themed batik on the back so girly quilting was out. Running leaves in the borders, scrolls and CCs in the piecing and a leaf motif in the modified bear-paws.
    Thanks for looking!
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    IQ'd reacted to Sheagatzi in Applique circles - opinion/help please? **completed photos added   
    Hi everyone -  this wall hanging (80 x 80) was so much fun to quilt.    Here is the finished product.   I decided to keep all of the print fabric circles raised, and did a very light quilting on the white circles.  Was going to do spirals on them, but tried a few times and it just wasn't going to look right the way I was executing them.    On the larger black/white circles I just quilted over top of the curved designs to give some light texture.  

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    IQ'd reacted to JenniferBernard in MQX Ribbons for 2 of us!   
    Valerie Smith and I are doing the happy dance tonight! We both took ribbons at MQX in Springfield with very tough competition.
    Valerie I checked your web site abpnd love you're quilting! I got my eye candy fix for he night!
    Congratulations on the ribbon!
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    IQ'd reacted to Bonnie H in Turkey time!!   
    I started this a couple of years ago but I just got around to quilting it this morning. There was a customer that I was holding a spot for this weekend but as it turns out the quilt was above my skill level -- it just had too many problems and I knew it was going to have a few tucks if we put a panto on it, which she wasn't interested in custom, so it was me time today!! It feels nice to have time to quilt for me. I think I'm ready for some Thanksgiving dinner, cranberries and turkey!!

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    IQ'd reacted to LindaSteller in Death by quilting   
    This one has been on the frame for way too long.  I pushed myself to finish it last night and am so relieved it's finally done.  The border was done using IQ - this pattern was a bear to line up.  I'll give it back to my client at guild on Thursday and she'll have it ready for the guild show Oct 3-4.  No ribbons at our show, and I don't think it's really ribbon-worthy elsewhere, except, perhaps for the appliqué quality.  I hope my client likes it.  I'm exhausted.




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    IQ'd reacted to quiltingbykc in Feathered Tree Skirt   
    I sure with this Feathered Tree Skirt was mine. Maybe some day I'll make one of my own.

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    IQ'd reacted to zeke in Ever Wonder   
    Have you ever wondered what makes an animal do what it does.  Why it does one thing when another will not.  Why it will eat from your hand or mouth and the one next to it will not or why some like to step in their water while their drinking from it.  It's a very strange behavior that my dog and one one my cats do when the others will not.  Why one cat will walk by a leave covered water dish while another will take it's paw and move the leaves aside and than drink.  I guess it like this with all creatures in the world, even with man.  Some will do and some will not.  Whether it's a case of pride, insecurity, stubbournness, fear and just the lack of knowledge.  I do a lot of watching of my pets when I quilt.  It's an odd past time, but intriguing and sometimes quite funny. Now, everone knows that most dogs are beggers.  Well, I used to have three cats that begged, now I only have one.  The craziest thing is that they would only beg for certain treats and not to others that were just as yummy.  Take for instance: Little Man would beg for beef jerky, peanuts, apples and, wait for it, corndogs.  What a noodle of a cat.  Then there was hunter and he only begged for duck treats and dry dog food.  Now two have passed away, but Princess is still with us and will beg for almost anything and try it.  Sometimes she eats it and other times just spits it out and looks like you gave her a sour grape.  Now Roxie is a fine dog that I love as much as Lady and sometimes I like it's Lady in a dark coat.  They have such similar traits which is very scary.  There are times when l see Lady around the grounds outsiide and I have to walk around to prove myself wrong.   I know it's mind playing games with me, but it's ok because I know she still with me.
    Lady loved going to the burn sites that would do during burn season.  Roxie is this way too.  Lady would hang out with us all night if she had too.  When it would get too dark to chainsaw I would back to the house and get dinner to cook on the burn pile.  Sometimes Lady would follow me back to the house and other times she would hang out with Nancy. 
    One time we both started the day off on a saturday and nancy decided to see if Little Man wanted to come.  We spotted him and nancy picked him up and sat back down and I started to drive and he seemed to be ok with the ride.  We were about a 1/2 mile from the house and were there most of the day with the dog and cat.  At dusk we left for the house.  The next day we went back to the same place with the dog and cat.  The only difference was that the cat, Little Man, kept on meowing and carrying on about sometime.  45 mins later he was no where to be found.  We looked a little and found him no where.  Later that day I went back to the house and found him relaxing on the tractor.  Well, I went about my buisness and got dinner ready for the burn pile.  About 45 minutes after getting back to the site and cooking my wife said, "quiet, did you hear that", I said "what".  She said " I think I hear Littel Man".  I kept BBQing and she saw out of the dark a little white cat running towards us.  Sure enough, it was Little Man coming back for BBQ.  What a crazy cat.  He was one of a kind.  Regards,  zeke.........
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    IQ'd got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Madison started her first quilt   
    She is so absolutely precious! She will be guided by you and that will mean the world to her. It is nice you both can have some fun together. You know we all here are on your and her side. Keep your chin up and keep calm and quilt!
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    IQ'd reacted to Enchanted Quilting in Barn Dance   
    This quilt is mine:)  I bought the pattern and fat quarters when our grandson was born (in Iowa over Easter).  I have putzed with it and finally have it bound.  I used two layers of batting...80/20 and wool.  I used mostly So Fine threads with some Bottomline thrown in for good measure.  The pattern calls for a white background.  With my antiques and thimbleberries quilts white just doesn't do it.  I found this dyed aged muslin and loved it.  Shooting for transitional modern;)
    Barn Dance by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr
    More on flickr if you are interested.
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    IQ'd reacted to Quilting Heidi in Madison started her first quilt   
    Huge success getting some time on the sewing machine!  I've been trying to get to this since MQX, when I bought Madison her first jelly roll.  Finally we had a little while to get started.  Seems we're always busy with other things when I get her for just a night.  Anyway she had so much fun and was so proud of herself.  I laugh when I see how hard she was concentrating.  She did a fantastic start and she is a natural!  Can't wait to spend more time sewing with her.  

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    IQ'd reacted to Corey in Coin Collecting Quilt   
    My 122 x 122 Coin Collecting quilt, the top is made up of 1 Bali Pop, and approximately 4 yards of batiks variety. SewBatik wide backing, sashing & borders.
    QD wool, Tea Leaves panto.
    We adjusted the pattern using 2.5 inches for strips instead of 1.5.
    We is because I am mentoring one of my students who did all the piecing.
    BTW, my apprentice is doing so well, we decided to enter her 1st quilt in the County Fair.

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    IQ'd reacted to Bliss Quilter in NQR court need prayers   
    Heidi, Madison will not forget all you do for her.  Hang in there, that hour drive will not seem so long after you do it a few times, knowing you will be able to see Madison and help her succeed. 
    I had a Great Aunt/Uncle  who did the same thing for me (6 years I would go on weekends and all summer). That is where I learned to sew, DA paid for sewing lessons.   Althougth my mother and father never divorced, just too many children for my mother to cope (Bless her soul). I treasure those days that I had that positive influence from my Aunt and Uncle.  Even in their last years of DA/U's life, I saw how very proud they were of my success.  
    You are a saint to help out and know we are all praying for you all. 
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    IQ'd reacted to T Row Studio in X and o quilt taking it off the frame   
    This quilt was a group project with my guild Central Alberta Quilt Guild everybody who made a block got a chance to win the top.... the catch is if you win you organize the next years quilt. I figured this out after I made and turned in one block...guess what.... I won. I organized a churn dash block for my project it is due on the Dec meeting, it is in pieces right now. Now to this quilt it was paper pieced string blocks in black whit and red then was put together with solid black. I was not sure what to do with the wide 6" border but looked at it for awhile then I started drawing on it with chalk and came up with this feather and straight line design..I love how it turned out. I used a 80/20 batting and a fuzzy costco blanket for the backing, supper cozie in our Canadian winters..oh ya guess what we had yesterday SNOW about 8 INCHES ya that is about 2 months early. Oh well it was a good day to sew.  I put the binding on while it was on the machine so all that is left is to hand sew to the back. This will be a wedding gift for my niece's wedding next summer.
    Thanks for taking a look 

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