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  1. You would only need to buy the instillation kit for your table. I had it on a non-blissed Millie and if I can figure out what pieces I need for that instillation and I can find them I would be glad to include that. Or I could just buy you that kit, or discount the price to give you room to buy the kit. I don’t think they are all that expensive.
  2. I edited the original post to reflect that I have the ClassiQ. Sorry for the confusion. This is the FULL VERSION IQ. There are many many YouTube videos that will help get you familiar with what it can do. It will be registered to the buyer so you can get the updates for it, too! Julia
  3. Thank you for answering! Such nice people on here! Thanks again!
  4. If you have a blissed Millennium, this would be a great add on!
  5. I sold my 2008 14foot Millennium, but I still have the IQ for sale. It has been removed from the machine, of course, but it has the brackets for the blissed Millennium. It has the regular motors for it. I live in Nebraska and I bought it new in 2010. It is the complete IQ. I think they call it the ClassiQ? It has all the capabilities. Please pm me here with any questions. $8500.00 Julia
  6. I will not sell the IQ until the machine sells. I use it exclusively when quilting. I have a friend that wants first chance and two below her on the list if she decides not to get it.
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