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  1. Is your ClassiQ Intelliquilter for Blissed Millie still available for sale? If so, I'm interested. Can you give me a shipping estimate to Charlotte, NC, zip code 28277? Thanks, Rebecca
  2. Yes, I doodle feathers and spirals all the time, on my iPad, on my church bulletins during the sermon. It definitely helps! Patti Jo, I emailed you directly re: your Micro Drive handles. thanks, rebecca Grace
  3. I'm getting my new Millie in 4 days and I can't wait to try out EVERYTHING she can do... but all the gadgets and gizmos are pricey and I understand many quilters buy tools that the end up not liking, or don't need once they move on to computerized quilting. Anyone have Hartley Microdrive handles for a millennium that you aren't using and would like to sell? Any old paper pantos lying around that you don't need anymore? Sell them to me, please! Your trash could become my treasure... Rebecca Grace www.CheekyCognoscenti.blogspot.com
  4. I am bringing home my first ever long arm machine on Tuesday, a 2013 dealer demo blissed Millenium on a 12' table. I am SO EXCITED! My APQS dealer is 2 hours away from me and I want to be able to jump in right away as soon as she's set up in my studio. What goodies should I buy while I'm in the shop? I know I want to learn to do ruler work, so I'll need the extended base. I do intricate appliqué on my own quilts and would like to be able to ditch around the appliqué with accuracy. Are the micro drive handles the best way to do that, or should I try one of the acrylic needle guide tools (sold by long arm ruler mfgs) instead? What thread should I start with? Any other gadgets or gizmos that would be helpful? Also, if I put her on casters, can I move her on carpet? I just want to give myself an extra couple feet behind the machine for pantos and be able to push her back to the wall when I'm working from the front or using my other machines. i'm hoping to add IQ or Quiltpath in the future, but first I want to get used to the machine, loading quilts, etc. Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated. Rebecca Grace www.CheekyCognoscenti.blogspot.com
  5. Can I ask why you don't want to use an APQS ruler base for your Millie?
  6. Thanks, Patty. I looked at the Lucey but I thought the Quiltglide was a worthwhile feature, and I don't think that can be added to Lucey? My dealer said the auto thread cutter that comes on Millie weighs 5 lbs so if I take that off my Millie would be closer to Lucey's weight. What are your thoughts about Quiltglide? Obviously the Lucey would help my numbers work out better, too... just don't want to be penny wise and pound foolish.
  7. I'm planning to start a longarm quilting business in the next few months. Found a great dealer who sells both APQS and Intelliquilter. I'm planning to invest in Intelliquilter so I can jump right in with computerized E2E without the learning curve (as this is my first, and hopefully last longarm purchase!) and I know that from a business standpoint, larger frames and wider throats are best for computerized quilting because they allow you to quilt a larger area with each advance of the quilt. However, I know that I want to learn to quilt freehand as well, if only for myself, and it seems like the longarm quilters whose work I most admire are using smaller machine heads. When I demo'd the 26" Millenium and the 20" Lenni, I felt like I had much better control and better hand guided results with the smaller machine when I was quilting swirls, teardrops, pebbles, etc. I know I can take the 5 lb. thread cutter off the Millie and that will help, but I'm wondering whether the Millenium is too big and unwieldy to be an ideal hand guided machine. Or, will I develop that control over time through practice? Basically, my question is whether experienced quilters find the Millenium to be "too big" for hand guided or free-style quilting. I'm tall and I have long arms, so reach isn't an issue -- just noticed a big difference in my demo quilting on the two machines. On Lenni, I can already do a decent meander, but on Millie I couldn't keep those curves consistent. Both machines I demo'd had Bliss Track systems. Any suggestions or feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks! Rebecca Grace
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