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  1. Hi Lucy, what do you mean to disengage the track. I'm kindof new at this.
  2. Hi BrendaLee, is this still for sale? I have a 2003 Millie with the upgraded Bliss on it. I think this would be a nice addition.
  3. I too am trying to figure out how to do all the cool stuff that I see you girls doing like putting my photo on avatar, not to mention how to post pictures. I am not super techy so where do I find webshots?
  4. Susan, my Millie just arrived this week and we are in the process of putting it together too. Can't wait to start quilting, kindof tired of piecing.
  5. Has anyone seen or know of where I can get this pattern? I am obsessed with trying to find this and am running into all kinds of dead ends. I don't know how to add a link, but if you got to The Quilting Board and seach for Chrysalis Diamond Star, about half way down is a picture of the pattern. Hopefully someone has this or knows where I can get one. Thanks Neline;)
  6. Hi Linda and thanks for the welcome. I am located in Homer Alaska. I clearly don't know how to manuvere in this sight. I would like to add a picture under my name and not sure how to do this. Yikes
  7. OH SNAP!!! That's certainly one to scare us new girls. Great job at fixing the problem and it looks like the quilt is smiling at the bottom since you fixed it. Good job!
  8. I just bought a used Millie from the APQS sight and it's at APQS getting a tuneup and yes I added the new Bliss System to it. I have worked on a Millie before without the Bliss, so I am excited to try this new system, not to mention I'm trying to PATIENTLY wait for it to get here. I too am starting a new quilting business in my quilt shop. I love looking at all the posts and questions and it's nice to know that you girls are out there for us newbies.
  9. Thanks Ardelle, I'm with Mary T, I also am a new quilter and love to be organized. I bought a used Millie off of APQS and she should be delivered this month. Can't wait to get her and set her up and start going. I LOVE APQS FORUM. Fabulous ideas
  10. Hi, is your Millie still available or has she been sold? You can email me @
  11. Hi, is your Millie still for sale or has she already found a new home? You can email me @ Thanks Neline