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  1. Wow. Beautifully done. The quilting does make this quilt pop....
  2. Love porches, especially for sitting and doing hand work. Looks very inviting.
  3. Libby G I sent U2U. Dell we love doing the rescue. In the photo is the resident Golden (Dylan) and the tall shaved one is our foster number seven (Ferguson.) Thanks everyone for the comments. I hope my idea of centering the dog works for bringing in the Bucks for the organization. I actually had fun on quilting this one.
  4. Cindy the middle block of the golden is paper pieced.. It worked will in the sizing of the blocks. Vickie, I like to use the friendship stars due to the idea of a swap and a lot of color. It shows that many differences. Normally I would not be using that many colors. Glad you like it. :cool:
  5. I participated in the Friendship star block swap that Doodlebug set up. Well here is the finished quilt. It is a raffle quilt for GRIN (Golden Retrievers in Need of Rescue). We are fosters and my husband is a director. I had to share to say thanks to all that made the stars. You are helping a wonderful organization. I also included a picture of my two goldens. thanks everyone that sent stars...
  6. Joann, Hugs and prayers. I understand what you are going through. God only gives us what he knows we can handle.
  7. Ok I am ready to purchase a saddle stool. Where should I go looking? Any of you selling them???
  8. OMG it is wonderful. I have been waiting to see what you did on this quilt. Totally awesome.
  9. Love the quilt. On the light blue blocks was that a stencil or your own design. I am loading a quilt that the design would work great on.
  10. Amen, My father-in-law was Navy, Husband served in the Air Force and Cousin was Army. God Bless all those who protect us. Best quote I heard was "The first chapter in the book of defeating Terrorism is now closed".
  11. Love the idea that Shana sent. So Heidi, What is your final decision???
  12. Prayers and hugs for you and Marvin during this time. The Lord is good and will comfort your family.
  13. I love the dragonfly pattern. Neat quilt that is very well done.