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  1. Jamie Wallen is coming to Des Moines, Iowa! He is going to be teaching 6 demo/lecture classes and hosting a trunk show. I think Jamie is the sweetheart of the quilting world. He is also an amazing teacher and quilter. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity if you live in or near Iowa. For more information, you can go to the registration site: www.jamiewalleniowa.eventbrite.com or call Michele at 515-865-0508.
  2. I am thinking about moving my studio out of my home and into a separate studio 5 blocks away. The only negative I can see is the expense. It is really worth it? It is a great space with lots of windows and 1600 square feet. Oh the quilting I could do in that space!! I'm curious to hear from those who have faced this decision and what the outcome was. THANKS. Michele
  3. Long Arm Quilting Winter Escape February 22-24, 2011 Des Moines, Iowa Classes held at the APQS Showroom Hands-on classes taught by award winning quilters: DeLoa Jones and Sue Patton! Tuesday, Feb 22 - 8:00-12:00 Free Motion Edge-to-Edge (Sue Patton) 1:00-5:00 Block Party (DeLoa Jones) Wednesday, Feb 23 8:00-12:00 Stunning Sashings (Sue Patton) 1:00-5:00 Border Patrol (DeLoa Jones) Thursday, Feb 24 8:00-12:00 Every Little Bit Counts (Sue Patton) 1:00-5:00 Progressive Feathers (DeLoa Jones) Free Motion Edge-to-Edge: NO marking of the quilt, and NO pantos needed!!! Come learn how quick and easy those quilts can be done using free motion. This class covers design ideas, threads, batting, texture and movement to create evenly distributed quilting. Block Party: No more cringing over Sampler quilts. This class will give you a multitude of ideas as well as teach you many free motion techniques based on the continuous curve with other added surprises. You will curve, loop, curl, and feather your way around the block with only one start and stop. Stunning Sashings: This class is packed full of new and unique designs for all size sashings, corner stones, and borders. You will explore the balance between design and texture. This is not your average traditional designs, but rather new and innovative designs to help you achieve that cutting edge in your show quilts and full custom client quilts. Border Patrol: If you are tired of turning your quilts to do the borders then this class is for you. I have developed many free motion designs to do around the quilt without taking the time to turn my quilts. Learn over 25 designs that you over 25 designs that you will be able to do plus several variations to take home to practice. Every Little Bit Counts: Tired of the same old background stippling?? This class is packed full of new, fun and creative ideas that will wow everyone from your clients to the show judges. Progressive Feathers: Feathers are the lines of a mulititude of designs. In this class I will show you free motions hearts, swags, all over designs as well as traditional and non-traditional borders. These feathers are beyond the basics to inspire you to create feathers to fit your quilt. For registration and questions, please call Michele at 515-865-0508
  4. I am selling my APQS Liberty (2004). It has a 10 foot table. It is working great!! It is stitch regulated. It has automatic advance feed, hydraulic lift, laser light and bobbin winder. It has awesome thread tension. Call Michele at 515-865-0508 or email at michelesquilts@gmail.com. I am asking $9500 OBO.
  5. I am selling my APQS Liberty (2004). It has a 10 foot table. It is working great!! It is stitch regulated. It has automatic advance feed, hydraulic lift, laser light and bobbin winder. It has awesome thread tension. Call Michele at 515-865-0508 or email at michelesquilts@gmail.com. I am asking $9500 OBO.
  6. I am lucky enough to live in Des Moines and can just run over to the showroom whenever I want to. In fact, we have our long arm guild meeting there once a month. (What a blessing!!) I own two APQS machines and love them both. I went in to the showroom to buy thread and asked about the Bliss. When I was shown this new feature, I was blown away. It truly is like quilting on air. I have tried ER wheels and currently use the new gray APQS wheels. I am able to do intense custom work on my machines, but I know that this new feature is going to make intricate work easier on my brain and my body. (Less shoulder strain.) I am so excited about it that I had trouble sleeping last night. I do a lot of applique quilts for customers and this is going to make the process of going around applique easier and more accurate. It is truly blissful and I don't even make one cent for saying so. (I do not work for APQS.) My only question is: Do I add Bliss to my Liberty or upgrade to a larger machine with Bliss. As soon as I decide, the order is going in. Michele
  7. I went to the showroom today to drive the new Bliss. WOW!!!!!!!! I just had to give Bob a hug. It is the most awesome feature ever invented. It truly glides on air. I want to upgrade and I want to upgrade now! Michele
  8. I am looking for a used base plate for my Ultimate I. It does NOT have a thread cutter. Please call Michele at 515-274-8877. THANKS!
  9. Our long arm guild just had a visit from Linda and Adam with Quiltazoid. They are super nice and have a GREAT product. We were all drooling over the fantastic Quiltazoid. It can do so many things!! Check them out at www.quiltazoid.com if you don't know what it is. I am already saving my pennies to get one. Michele
  10. Hey, I checked out your web site. AWESOME!! Your quilting is beautiful and your web site is a fun place to visit. Good Job!!!! No wonder you are busy - YEAH!! Michele
  11. I do have a short youtube video on how to use them. It is nothing fancy, but you can check it out. Michele
  12. Yep. I am supporting my family with long arm quilting and I need all the help I can get. So I developed a ruler that would take the guess work out of ruler placement. Hence, the tabbed circles. I loved them so much that I decided to sell them to other quilters to make it easier for them too. I did not go to MQS this year as I am a single mom and sometimes it is hard to get away. I do all my own design work for the rulers. So if you want something unique, let me know and I can get it made for you. Michele
  13. I use the tabbed circles that I make for continuous curve. (www.customqt.com) It is a little bit slower than doing them freehand, but they turn out perfect every time. The tab on the circle takes the guess work out of where to place the ruler. I have a short video on youtube that shows how they work. You can do a search on youtube for tabbed circles. I recommend getting a circle size 1-2 inches larger than the square you are wanting to do CC on. The larger the circle, the more shallow the curve. ie: I use a 6" circle to do CC in a 4" square. I also have a book/workstation for ideas for continuous curve and other arc work. It is all laminated so that you can practice with dry eraser before trying it on the actual quilt. It comes with a dry erase marker and a plastic tip to keep the pen 1/4" away from the edge of the ruler. That way it mimics how the machine will sew it. You can check it out at www.customqt.com. I also highly recommend DeLoa Jones' book "Sampler Solutions". She has awesome ideas for CC. Thanks! Michele
  14. I can make circles of any size for you. (They could even be 5.25 inches in diameter.) My web site is www.customqt.com. Feel free to email or call me from the web site. I sell the tabbed circles on the web site, but I can make them without the tabs if you prefer. You could also pick any markings you want for them - Concentric rings, 1/4" lines, Diameter lines. You can even have your own name etched on them. They can be fun for gifts for other quilters if you put a funny or special saying on them. Hope this helps. You can see the tabbed circles demonstrated on youtube at or just do a search for tabbed circles. Happy Quilting, Michele
  15. I have now changed the fuse and looked at the brushes. The fuse did not make any difference. The brushes look OK. How long are they supposed to be? These appear to be just about as long as the brushes on the long arm motor. There is just no power at all to the unit.