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  1. The tip of my needle is dragging across the fabric. I can find nothing in the manual that refers to raising the needle. Maybe I am looking in the wrong area. Has anyone else experienced this issue. I am afraid of snagging fabric whether it is mine or a customers. Help.
  2. It is the weekend and I need help now. No one at company working and I don't expect them to but I feel I am down until I get these stitches straightened out. I get 11 stitches to the inch when it should be 7. I don't see anything in the manual that would direct me to the information. I think if someone could tell me where, DL and I could do this. Anyone out there who has done the same thing?
  3. Can we go back to this subject? How do you handle when the thread breaks? Do you bury your threads at this point or do the Dawn concep by retracting your stitches? Would love this problem to just go away.
  4. I just recently finished a quilt and though it came out beautiful, personally I saw too many stops and starts. Could burying my threads help this situation. I have heard both sides. Please advise.
  5. I spluged on floor covering in my studio. It is recycled tires that comes in 4' x 20' lengths. I love it. Did not need glue, you just unroll it and ta da. Better oh my feet and legs as I stand when quilting. If anyone wants the info, just let me know.
  6. I just bought a Rowenta because I have probably used 6 irons w/their short lifespan anyway. The Rowenta seem to be ok. Hated to pay the price but I love the pointed metal tip. Hopefully it will last me a while. But I do appreciate the feedback on these items.
  7. I recently returned from a combined trip of Des Moines, IA and a side trip to Minnesota to see my brother. I live in North Carolina. Took Dawn's advanced quilting class. If you have not taken a class from Dawn, you are missing out. Though it was informal, it was intense and though I have been quilting on my Millie for two years now, I learned a whole lot. Example: taking a simple quilt design, emblishing it and making it my own. Key word is practice. Dawn has a real sense of teaching and made us feel so comfortable. I even took my shoes off. Of course, I showed up an hour early becau
  8. longarmlisa: I have used the dryer sheet method for my domestic sewing projects and it works wonderful. However, I am confused about using it for our longarm machines. You would have to run an aweful lot of thread through the sheet and then rethread it back on the spool. Am I missing something?
  9. My machine is 2008 and I was told by Dawn that it is a good canidate.
  10. Has anyone had the new glide attached to an older machine? If so are you happy w/it. I get frustrated w/the drag when I am doing small work. Machine is oiled, wheels are clean,......Seems I have done everything. When doing small work I have to put milli on manual because stitch regular just doesn't do the job. I am thinking about purching the glide but want to make sure that an additional $1200 is worth it.
  11. I really don't want to do a custom on a small quilt. Everything I see is custom on this type of pattern. Isn't there one that will look custom and yet keep me from have to do feathers in the set-in blocks? I am not proficient that them yet. Also, I am picture challenged so I am hoping you all have very vivid imaginations.
  12. Joann, I do the same thing. I have sagging backs occassionaly but I think it is due to stretched leaders. I don't let it bother me because when I pin, it goes away. Just make sure you remove the pins before advancing the quilt top. I don't float my top. Have not had much success with that methos.
  13. Ok, girls, put on your thinking caps. Stepping out of my box. Usually do panotographs. Have a 8 point star w/lots of white background. I want to do feathers in the white part but am at a loss as to what to put into the star that is diamond angles and ranges in color from light blue in center to black on the outer edges. Not a large quilt. It is actually a large wall hanging that will hang in an Indian Museum. Can't send pictures because I am challenged in that area. But would love any ideas before I start. I am going to town today and get a 12 1/2 plexiglass to fool around w/design.
  14. I have been in North Carolina for 3 years and have sold 3 quilts. This is what I charge. Throw/Twin $200 Full $300 Queen $500 King $700 Don't sell many but I have sold 3 queens. I built them from the bottom up and then quilted them. I don't live in an affluent area but sold them in an affluent area. I am not in business to sell quilts but it is just word of mouth.
  15. Love that quilt. Any chance a pattern is available or did he just decide to combine to different types of blocks and run w/it?
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