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  1. I had this problem with some fil tec bobbins. The problem was that the bobbin had to much thread and was dragging against the walls of the bobbin case. When you load a new bobbin look and see if it has free motion all the way around the inside of the case. If it touches anywhere, just spool off some of the thread and it should be free to go. Just a thought and something that happened to me.

  2. Hi, yep, I'm still in Texas, so close to Houston too. We are in Richmond. TX SW of Houston. It is raining cats and dogs here, we are under flash flood alerts.


    f you are coming to Houston for the Quilt Festival, be aware that the road in front of the GRB convention center is under construction and is a total mess. Check with Festival folks about parking changes.

  3. I started doing longarm quilting in 2006 and have been not been making garments for myself in all that time. Just could not find the time for both of my sewing passions. But, I've lost some weight and need some new clothes. In the course of drafting new patterns for myself, I discovered that my right bicep is 2" larger than my left. Now, girls ,I want to know if your dominant arm is larger than your other one. I have some nerve damage and I don't know if the difference is from that or the longarm work.


    Help a sister out. Please.

  4. The machine is a Martelli La Cresta, sit down model. I was using a size 18 titanium needle. I think she may have a needle that is just a little to long for this machine. After doing some research we have switched to Groz Beckett in a 134SAN system, (I prefer a smaller needle say a 14). That batik had never been washed, didn't like the large needle holes. I guess it is just a preference thing. I'm not a big fan of the titanium needles either.

  5. Was working on a quilt with a Hoffman batik backing today. Not happy with the Oregon brand size 18 needles my employer provided for me. What would you use? In my past experience I would use a much smaller needle (like a 12 or 14) on this fabric. It is just too tightly woven and to high a thread count for the larger needles.  

  6. Oh, Lord, have mercy on me!! I have done it again. Just had to go digging through that junk store, I knew I smelled a sewing machine in distress in there! That old oil must put out some irresistible pheromone into the air, I swear I can smell it from 5 miles away. I did fight the urge, but gave in anyway. Even told her "I'll go home and think about it", actually left the store. I got 2 blocks (to my cohorts at the local quilt store). We talked about her for all of 10 min. and well, you all know I borrowed a man and a car and went back to the junk shop and bought her. Oh my, I am a sucker for an old sewing machine. (My hubby will not like this, I'm hiding her in my studio at the quilt store!)


    I named her "Rosie" She is an old heavy duty girl, Singer Model 101-4 born on April 15, 1931. She is in amazing shape, but will need to be rewired. In a nice cabinet (which will need a little restoration). I've found her manual and downloaded it. Will print it out later. She is a gear driven unit, no belt! I understand these are a bit rare. I paid very little for her. The rewiring may be expensive. I have never seen a motor like this one. I hope it will be worth it, she is pretty!


    Does anyone else have this model?

  7. I have done many quilts using this thread top and bottom. It worked great. One thing I would be careful of is to only fill your bobbin 3/4 way full. It has a lot of "spring" wound on a bobbin. Don't worry about not getting enough thread on the bobbin. Since it is so thin you will always have plenty, But to full on the bobbin and it will try to wiggle off the bobbin.

  8. I love the Miracle Chalk, but hate that big old pounce pad that comes with it. So I make my own pounce pad. White pane velvet makes a great pounce pad. To make it take a 4" x 6" piece of the fabric and one of cotton batting. Sew it together to make a little pillow, fill with the chalk and stich it closed. I put the batting in there because the velvet is so porous it needs something to slow down the chalk. The nap of the velvet is just the right length to push the chalk through your stencil and into your fabric. These last a long time. Store this in a plastic bag when not using. It will keep it clean and you don't get chalk everywhere. If you don't have the velvet, flannel works pretty well too.


    I have marked an entire quilt like this before loading on the machine. Most of the chalk stays on, and if some is rubbed off, most of the time you have enough left to get the stencil to align well to re chalk.


    Hope this will help someone.

  9. We are now in Sealy, TX. This little town looks like it just popped out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Old Victorian homes, tons of mature trees, cute little park right in the middle of town. With a lot of covered picnic tables and a splash pad for the children. A quiet town (if you don't count 44 trains a day right through the middle of town, but they do have a quiet no train horns zone) and only about 35-40 miles from Houston on I-10. The quilt shop is in the old downtown area. Sealy is in Austin county Texas. The original Stephen F. Austin settlement is nearby. Lot's of Texas history here.


    Oh, I will finally get to go to the Houston Quilt Market and the show this year!! I am so excited about that. I've never been before. I lived in Sugarland, TX about 14  years ago and worked in Houston. But I wasn't big into quilting at that time and worked full time as an engineering tech. 

  10. Well folks, life has changed again! Back in May I sold my longarm and was prepared to move (ugh, again!) and just retire and sit all by myself at home.


    Nope, not what God had in store for me!


    Got moved into the new place (our house sold in 3 days!!) and started to settle in. Been here just 6 weeks and I've found a new "quilty" home. Took a part time job there as "Artist in Residence". I'll be teaching and doing quilting. Guess my longarm career wasn't ready to die. Wish me luck, start my second week on Monday!

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