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  1. Ha! I couldn't log on from my. Blackberry so I had to register again. I think it was the settings on here or something. I've changed the settings so I'll have to try again. Be right back...
  2. You broke the feather barrier! Woohoo! These are beautiful, and I love them with the swirls. Perfect combination for this quilt!
  3. This is such a happy quilt that I came back for another look! Whoever gets this will be in a good mood all the time, I think those swirls are perfect for it.
  4. Put it under your black lite and see what happens!
  5. I wonder if the web master can tell us who holds the all time record on this site? Seeee? I only have 49! I wonder how many my alter-ego has?
  6. Shana-babe! That is sooo cute and your choices suit it perfectly! Thanks for sharing it- I needed a giggle tonight!
  7. I've done many vintage tops by handquilting. I always do a LOT of quilting on them. They seem to be more stable that way. The less room the fabric has to move around the better. I guess with handquilting you get a better feel for what is going on with the fabric since you actually have it in your hands all the time. You might use about a 10 stitch length. Any longer would not hold it as well. Keep a looser tension on the thread if you can but a normal tension on the sandwich itself. JMHO
  8. Copper would be great with those colors! Gvo for it! And Kristina, we need pictures of your studio! I'd love to see those walls!
  9. I got 2 today. Just could not vet the other 2 to stick.
  10. WOOOOOOOO is me, too! I don't have my machine yet so I can't use them....yet. :@ Bonnie, I'm betting Gene can come up with something, after all, he invented your hanging thread storage! I was thinking you could flip them ove and attach them to your belly bar and just use them upside down, but seeing the pics Ican tell that won't work. Shucks! How about a shower curtain rod. The expand able kind. You could put it on in front of your take up roller and brace it against the wood ends. Just take it off when you don't need it.
  11. Teresa, Tell him to log onto is a HUGE city with MANY smaller cities (not just towns) surrounding it. He can check the classifieds from there. Also hot, and are great places to look and post his resume. He can google newpaper and the name of any city that appeals to him and they will ALL have job classifieds
  12. Arrgggh! They shujt down our server today right after I posted the last time. Who was it that voted fcrom their IPhone? - have a new Curve, can get to the page but can't figure out how to vote. No buttons show!
  13. Myrna, I have idea! Can we preorder? Just put it on your site as a preorder for release and shipping in the spring. I'd order mine now!