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  1. Thanks so much, everyone!! Slow but sure progress every day!!
  2. Your kind thoughts and prayers mean so much!!!
  3. HI Everyone, Just an update - we have received a few requests wondering where we are... We have missed the forum - but our lives has been topsy turvy-- First Dave had a stroke in February. It affected his whole left side, but he had the blood clot busting shot and by that night he was able to walk and talk. His left arm and hand took longer and is still recovering. He has about 50-60 % strength back in his arm and hand. Other than dealing a few diabetic ulcers on his feet - he is recovering very well. On August 5th our oldest daughter was in a car accident. They had to u
  4. Thanks, again everyone. Now some rehab on the hand and he will be like new!!
  5. Hi everyone, Much improvement today!!! Looks like Dave will be coming home tomorrow (Thursday). Will update more when we know for sure. Thanks for all the prayers and kind words!!!! Jane
  6. Hi Everyone, Dave and I have been absent from the forum for a while. Dave has had several health issues over the last year. Just when one thing seems to be getting under control - something else crops up. At this time we are asking for your prayers. Last Thursday, Dave had a stroke that affected his entire left side. Already his leg, face and speech are back to nearly 100%. His left arm is like "Jello" as he puts, but getting better every day. He's a fighter and will overcome this as well!! He will be coming home in the next few days and will start rehap - Send all your goo
  7. Cheri & Elmer, Thanks for taking the time to update us!! Many prayers are being sent your way. Just know we are all sending strength and healing thoughts your way.
  8. Very Beautiful - anyone would love this quilt on their bed!!
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