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  1. I'm also wanting a set of these books. Please let me know if there are any left or if anyone else is willing to sell. Thanks.
  2. I've had tinnitus for years. As a child, I had mumps and it damaged the nerve endings in my left ear leaving me deaf in that ear. Ever since then I've dealt with the constant ringing and buzzing. I've learned to live with it, but often wonder what it would be like to only hear quiet. I do try to protect my right ear when doing loud activities which includes running my 2002 Millie.
  3. I bought a used 2002 Millie three years ago. It had the original brown wheels and I used them until about a year ago. At that time I was able to buy a set of new M&M wheels here on the forum. My husband installed them for me. They are wonderful! My machine just glides now. Linda
  4. I have 2 Janome machines, the 4000 and the 6500. My daughter has a 6300 and my daughter-in-law has a non-computerized Janome. We are all really happy with them. DDIL and I bought ours at a family owned quilt shop about 17 miles away. We get great customer service, although, we've only had them in to get them cleaned and checked over. DD bought her's in Illinois about 1 1/2 hour drive from where she lives and said that the people in the store were really nice and helpful. She hasn't needed to take it in for service yet, since she's only had it since last August.
  5. Heidi, This quilt is gorgeous! Your quilting is absolutely fantastic! I hope to have half of your talent when I grow up.
  6. I got an IPad for Christmas. I'll email you my information. I'd love to be a tester.
  7. I hope that things are moving along for your daughter now. I had a tough time with our first baby, too. I was in labor for about 23 hrs. and they finally decided that the baby was in distress and did a C-section. That baby is now 35 with a 5 yr. old daughter of her own. Second time around, the doctor told me up front that he would be doing a C-section. I recovered much quicker with the second.
  8. Here in Central PA, it has been raining for days. A couple of days this week the schools have sent the kids home early because of a fear of flooding. Today has been really strange. One minute it would be pouring and then it would stop, the sun would come out and about 2 minutes later it would be pouring again. We live up pretty high so I don't worry about flooding, but we do get a lot of run off and have a ditch (created by water) in our yard about 8 feet from our house that has had water running almost steady this week. I've had dreams about our house floating away. Heidi, that is such
  9. I, too, am a scrap addict. I use Bonnie Hunter's scrap system and have made a couple of her scrap quilts. The scraps also come in handy for quick doll quilts. I recently started to save selvages. I always check out the scrap bins and bags and remnants at quilt shops. Our Salvation Army has a yearly fabric and craft sale. My first stop is the 25 cents/pound scrap table.
  10. Congratulations! She's beautiful. You'll love being a grandmother. I have 4 granddaughters. We are in Illinois right now visiting granddaughter #1. She will be 5 in a couple of weeks and starting Kindergarten next week. We are having a great time. She and I spent all day today together while her dad worked and her mom and Pappy went to Chicago. My other 3 live near us in PA. The oldest will be 5 in Nov., second one will be 3 in Oct., and the baby was 1 in April. We see them and babysit often. I love being a Grammie!
  11. Sorry, I don't have the fabric, but that line is sold at Hobby Lobby. Good luck finding some. Don't you just hate it when you run short on a particular fabric?
  12. I learned to sew on a Featherweight that my dad bought for my mom when she was pregnant with me. I loved that little machine. In the early 70's my mom decided she wanted a new machine and traded the Featherweight towards the new one. I was pretty upset and I always wanted to find another one. One day I was in a quilt shop and they had 2 being sold on consignment. One was in much better shape than the other and even had some attachments in the case. That's how I got my first one which was born it 1932. My second one was found at a flea market. The man selling it told me it worked fine.
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