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  1. I can see this now, such a relief this is my first one when I get back from vacation! Will post pics when I'm finished. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  2. This is a customer quilt, she wants it pretty as its for her mother and thought maybe feathers or something. . .I am at a loss on how to quilt this. . .HELP!
  3. This is a customer wall hanging, it was made for her girlfriend and she wants it custom quilted. Ideas please? Thank you!!
  4. Thanks Heidi- I'll post some before pictures tomorrow and then in a few weeks the after, I've got several ahead of this one just trying to figure it out before I get there! lol
  5. Heidi- Thank you so very much!! I do have Deloa's boomerang rulers, what a wonderful idea! The Trapunto is 4 - 8" tall pineapples, not very much but there will be lots of feathers, cross hatching, stippling, echo quilting around applique and CC on the first border. There will be a lot of quilting on this one, Thank you also for your advise on pricing, I do not feel badly now for wanting to charge what I'm worth!!
  6. Quilt measures 90 x 90 and customer wants me to scallop the borders for her and add feathering in the scallops. I've never scalloped a border for a customer what would you charge? This quilt is Heirloom quilting with Trapunto.
  7. What about a free motion barbwire? Not straight across wire but more of a meander with barbwire.
  8. Hi Mary- I don't trim unless asked and I also put that on my work order form just above where they sign "Quilt will not be trimmed unless requested" I don't believe they even notice the notice. The time it takes to trim a quilt I can have the next loaded or about loaded depending on size. I have a lime green bag with handles that each quilt is returned in unless the customer brings me a really nice bag to begin with. However, everyone at guild knows those are my green bags and the more green bags the more business that has come my way. So, find a color or bag you like and stick with it,
  9. Each piece is only 2" x 2" and I'm all for a bigger design. She wants this done as cheaply as possible but I don't want to do a meandering.
  10. Actually, I have two of these and she wants a different design on each of them. She was an allover panto. I usually never have a problem picking a panto but these two quilts are being so very quiet about what they need. Help!
  11. Thank you Carol, I told my client and she didn't feel it was enough she's insisting on giving me at least $10 more, you can't argue with those clients! lol But really thank you so much, I had no idea on how to price basting.
  12. I just ordered two boxes of various sizes (I keep rolls of QD Blend & Dream Puff in 93" width) mostly King and the shipping for both boxes totaled $54, I would have just died to be hit $144 for shipping!! I mean I was even a little shocked at the $54 because its usually under $40.
  13. I have a client that also hand quilts some of her smaller quilts and she'd like for me to baste this next one for her. How much do you charge for basting?
  14. I used 2 sheets of insulation board, covered the front and edges with white cotton batting (attached with adhesive spray) and the slipped it into a tight super large white flannel pillow case, then put 4 metal grommets along the top edge and hooks at the top edge of the wall. Should we ever need to move, I only have to patch the 4 small holes at the top from the hooks and its so light weight. I don't know how I lived without this size of a design board!!
  15. WOW! I love it! I can not wait until I can quilt like this, I know PPP! This is awesome you should be proud!
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