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  1. Shea: You might want to consider zippered leaders if you don't already have them.
  2. Laurel: The LENNI comes with a 10 foot table, white (two piece, break apart model) Lee Ann
  3. Hi Beth: My LENNI is listed at $7800. I will consider all offers! Through the history of the ad, the price of the LENNI has been lowered. I did not mean for it to be confusing for the reader. She is a sweet machine that has been rarely used. Only three quilts have been quilted on her. She has been continually maintenanced and was recently serviced. She is being sold with a super start up package. Lee Ann.
  4. SOLD/ 2008 LENNI FOR SALE/ Atlanta, Ga $7800... ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED! Standard equipped LENNI plus: -Zippered leaders -Hartley Base Expander -Hartley Micro Drive Handles -Extra packages of assorted needle sizes -Extra bobbins -An extra bobbin case -Extra fuses -Bonus: OFF THE EDGE RULERS (I will include four) -Towa Tension gauge To help get you quilting faster, I will include a $500 package of assorted Superior Threads and Myrna Fickens "Beginning Long Arm Quilting DVD". I have the original shipping cartons for the machine head and the LENNI manual. I am selling the LENNI for medical reasons. I have MS and long arm quilting is physically too much for me to handle. Only three quilts have been sewn on this LA. It was recently serviced and is in EXCELLENT CONDITION! Call at 404-843-9204 or e-mail at leeann_abrams@yahoo.com
  5. Back to the top. E-mail: leeann_abrams@yahoo.com or phone me at 404-843-9204. Please note that we have been having frequent power failures in Atlanta along with the rain storms, I have not been hanging up on those of you who have been calling with regards to the Lenni- I am getting cut off by power outages. Please call back.Thanks!
  6. Back to the top! e-mail: leeann_abrams@yahoo.com or phone 404-843-9204. Thanks!
  7. Just reduced LENNI to $8000! She is ready to sew your UFOs for you today! Contact me at 404-843-9204 or leeann_abrams@yahoo.com.
  8. My LENNI is still available. I am willing to work on a price that will get her sewing for you! Call me @ 404-843-9204 or e-mail me at leeann_abrams@yahoo.com.
  9. My LENNI is set up and ready to demonstrate what a great long arm she can be! Now is the time to start finishing your UFOs... give me a call and I will gladly show you what this machine is capable of creating with you! New e-mail: leeann_abrams@yahoo.com or call me at 404-843-9204 Thanks- Lee Ann
  10. NEW PRICE! Lenni is now reduced to $8300! The QUILT EXPO will be in Atlanta next month and this longarm is SPECIAL! Only three quilts have been sewn on her. Give me a call and you can too can own an APQS wonder! Lee Ann 404-843-9204 or leeannabrams@yahoo.com
  11. The recent snows in Atlanta have created havic with a roof leak in my sewing room. Hence, my sewing room has been relocated into the long arm room and the long arm room has been moved safely down two floors. Please bear with me for afew days while we get the Lenni reassembled. Thanks for all of the kind e-mails! Lee Ann
  12. If you plan on visiting Atlanta this weekend for the Qult Expo-- I would love to show you my LENNI-- she is set up and ready to sew! Please call Lee Ann at 404-843-9204 or email me at leeannabrams@yahoo.com