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  1. Linda, I appreciate you taking the time to post your information. I will certainly check out the Quilt Cut II next time I am at a show and see one set up. I like to review all my options before deciding where to put my dollars, quilting or otherwise. So far I am doing ok with my ruler, mat and rotary cutter, and with a local shop offering the Studio model for a nominal rental, I really can't justify a setup of my own!
  2. I am still watching to see whether they expand the Go! die set. Right off the top, 1 1/2" strips would be useful. However, the thing that I want nailed down is the accuracy of the cutting. I would be quite happy to treat myself to a Studio cutter set if I was quite sure it would cut accurately. Seeing that one post about strips being 1/8" too narrow gave me some concerns. I do not mind cutting that much, but even when I am terribly careful, I find my cutting is not perfectly accurate. That is frustrating. And I can see that as I get older, with stiffer hands and dimmer eyes, cutting is going to be a bit of a challenge...
  3. This thread is great as I have been looking at the Go! and Studio and wondering if I should put one on my wish list. Questions I have: 1. From the videos I have seen, is it possible that there is rather a lot of waste in the Go! dies, but not in the Studio dies? Just an impression I have from random photos. Note to the Accuquilt die designers: they could be designed to minimize waste. 2. I saw one complaint on another board that her Go! strips were cutting 1/8" too small. As quilters know, that is a disaster. I asked more questions to that poster about what might be causing that as it could be user error OR die error, and it is important to know what the problem is. One thought is that the Go! is either less carefully manufactured or its design somehow requires more expertise to use accurately? 3. My local quilt shop has an studio model for fairly reasonable rent. This means I can prewash and prep my fabric before cutting (it is the lack of this ability that makes me wary of prepackaged, pre-cut BOM kits). True, it is a lot more convenient to own my own (and most of my preferred shapes are only available on the Studio model ie. 1 1/2" strips), but that's such a huge expense. Note: I am most interested in dies that do what I hate to do ie. very small or very narrow pieces. Group Purchases: This would be a really good item for groups ie. guilds to purchase. Also a nice addendum to a longarm business (especially if you had a steam roller iron to press out prewashed fabric!)
  4. Well, it is magnificent! Did you do the quilting all freehand, or was there panto/computer work as well? Lost in admiration, Janet
  5. Mindy, your quilting is beautiful! What techniques did you use on that class sampler quilt?
  6. I was thinking that water soluble thread would be a great basting medium...what brands can you recommend? Kindest Regards, Janet
  7. Ok ladies, I think I will order some wool batts, both Quilter's Dream and some Hobbs and compare across crib quilts. QD is seriously difficult to get here in Canada, and all wool batting is hard to get and expensive here in Vancouver, BC. I have had at least one surreal conversation with local sales reps. My best option is ordering it online from the US and having it mailed to me, either here at home or to a nearby USA parcel depot (I live minutes from the border). I will let you know how the two compare....may be awhile! Meanwhile, a big thankyou for all the help and advice! Regards, Janet
  8. Cindy, I get that all the time...some call it buyer's remorse, I call it my internal Methodist. You know, the voice that says "you don't deserve, don't have fun, if it feels good it must be bad for you" ! Don't listen! I think our culture encourages women not only to put others' needs first, but to really feel that their own needs are a) unimportant and selfish. My feeling is, unless you are hurting someone else by spending this money on something you love and want, go for it. Even the Dalai Lama says that our only responsibility on this earth comes down to "Pursue your own happiness insofar as it does not compromise the happiness of others." To that I would add, and we should only support the other people in our lives in pursuing their own happiness UNLESS it means we have to give up some of our own. I lost my dad last year. He was a flawed man, but I loved him deeply. I learned two things: dad never allowed himself much in the way of indulgences, and I would much rather he had left us less money and given himself a better ride in life. The second thing was that none of us know how long we will be here, but it certainly won't be forever. Carpe that diem. So enjoy, really enjoy, your new baby and tell us all about her!
  9. Wool allergy/wool sensitivity....unless you have a rare true allergy, you are unlikely to have any trouble with wool batting in your blankies, info here: http://knitting.about.com/od/knittingsafety/f/wool_allergy.htm
  10. We had a longarm quilter at our guild recently (the one who now only works with wool batted quilts) and in the quilts she brought were a mix of cotton batt quits and wool batt quilts. I liked the soft, slighly puffy feel of the wool quilts, which were noticeably supple, more drape-y than the cottons. I can't wait to try a wool batt in my next quilt!
  11. Claire, do you get your Quilters Dream wool on the bolt as well?
  12. I wonder if it was badly rolled with uneven tension? If that is so and it is just stretched, a quick rinse and dry should put it right, but what a pain!
  13. I did email Hobbs, who are very good at replying quickly to customer inquiries, and here is the reply I received: Janet, That is great question and one we get a lot. It can take a few days for the creases to go away, but they are not permanent. Our Tuscany Wool is one of our most popular products. Regards, Joseph Hensley Hobbs Bonded Fibers Retail Sales Manager 200 South Commerce Drive Waco, Texas 76710 Office # 254-741-0040 Mobile# 254-744-7902
  14. Our guild had a guest speaker recently who is a professional longarmer. She said she now refuses any quilts that are not made with wool batting as she finds the quilting much smoother and less problem-prone with the wool. She said she began by dropping quilts made with poly batting, and progressed to wool only!