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  1. You are all right---I love this batting. I have maybe 2 more passes and it will be done. I would NEVER have thought it would be this easy when it was so puffy. I have no luck loading pics but will try again when I finish it.
  2. Thank you all sooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I was really afraid of ruining her grandchild's quilt. I love this forum.
  3. I am NOT a quilter who does this for a living. I just do quilts for myself and charity. But I opened my big mouth and offered to do a baby quilt for a friend. She sent me the batting called Dream Puff. This is really puffy. I was able to quilt a sample so I do know it will work. I was thinking of just an overall teardrop type pattern. She wanted circles but I do not know how to do that. I am smart enough to pick something I can DO. Should I just pretend it is my beloved Warm and Natural? Should I tell her I will not use this batting? My first choice was pack the whole mess bac
  4. We have a bedroom closet that is metal. I bought some magnets at the hardware store called metal men or something like that. Lets see if I can load a picture of them. says it is too big and I have no idea how to make it smaller
  5. VIVIANMABEL--I am going to check out the Joannes ones you recommended. thanks to ALL of you.
  6. THANKS so much. You have been a great help. They have it on sale at Connecting Threads and $50 or more is free shipping. I need thread also.
  7. Have any of you used this batting? We are looking for some cheaper batting---than W & N--for all our charity quilting. I have an HQ16. I once bought a whole roll of a recommended nightmare batting and had to freecycle it. I do NOT want to repeat that mistake. It was HUGELY puffy.
  8. My wonderful HQ16 and I are a successful partnership. I tried several different brands and asked questions of many quilters. I never hear a single person say they were sorry they chose the HQ16. I am mainly a charity quilter for our local Hospice and Quilts Of Valor. I am a prolific quilter and can do tops quite fast. Then I became bogged down in the quilting process. It took over 2 hours just to do the pinning. Then I had to wrestle a big quilt through the arm of my sewing machine. My shoulders would ache with this effort. I can load the top and have it finished in about 2 hours. T
  9. Had to find this old post. I am beginning to see my ads for Handiquilter come out. Or I should say friends are telling me. I have yet to find one but apparently it is in the new AQS magazine and McCalls Quick Quilts??? or maybe just McCalls. I will look at Joannes tomorrow. I tired there once before but got overwhelmed at the huge amount of magazines. I get only Fons and Porter. It was a wonderful trip and this brings back that wonderful memory.
  10. I will follow that blog. It is just a wonderful story. Media whiners----where are you now????
  11. I finally tried my one cone on my HQ. Sweet. I love this price as most of my quilts are for charity. I used a bottomline prewound as that is a fail safe choice for me. It must work with those and it was perfect. I also have found that my machine does not like going right to left and that causes the thread to break. I did lots of experimenting with this. I mainly do total free designs on the front so it will be easy to go the way she likes.
  12. I use Connecting Threads for all my charity quilts which is ALOT. I use Masterpiece when I make my own if they are precision types. If money grew on trees--it would be all Masterpiece. I can use a very hot iron on all cotton threads.
  13. I use the Crayola WASHABLE fine tip markers. You do have to wash the quilt after finishing it. I always hold my breath because I swear the colors are so dark it will never come out. I do not quilt for money and not sure my heart could take the worry. Just wanted to throw something out for those of us on a very tight budget. I practice all sorts of things on my Quilts of Valor.
  14. I used to use Warm and Natural. It was just so flat. Then I tried the Hobbs 80/20 and like it much better. The best price I have found for a roll is Marshalls Dry Goods. I had it in less than a week. The roll is 3o yards and with shipping was $127.00.
  15. In case it does not work out for you---I am a part time nanny and just love it. I work 5 hours a day for a wonderful family. They are thrilled to have a mature dependable person. I have to have some income but do not need full time.
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