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  1. I recently brought this long-forgotten yard sale find of my Mother's to life through quilting. It was a job, there wasn't one square corner in the entire piece. Mom intends to use this one as a table topper. I hope she'll enjoy it for years to come, I'm so glad she trusted it to me; quilting it was just as satisfying as it was a challenging! I loved every minute of working on it, thinking about the original maker and wondering what her (or his) intentions were, I believe they would approve of the end result!
  2. This quilt is my mother's. She hand-embroidered the hearts approximately fifteen years ago, ran across them and decided to set it together into a quilt top last year. She trusted me with it for the transformation from flimsy to full-fledged quilt. I hope she'll love it!
  3. I did a sew-along this past fall at Temecula Quilt Company's blog; entitled Little Letters. They posted instructions for two blocks a week, they were easy and it wasn't hard to keep up as the blocks were small. I recently completed the quilting on this little one; measuring in at 33" X 38".
  4. Thanks, everyone, for your kind compliments. The block measures 8".
  5. I took a String Quilting class from Ami Simms at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA back in 2012. This quilt is the result, finihsed at long last! I entitled it "Coming Up For Air" after I uneathered the perfect backing fabric from the very bottom of a stack in the stash closet, it is a pale blue sky print and I had exactly enough.
  6. Thanks, Bonnie, I'm off to FB to check thenm out. It's always great to learn of new resources for our needs and to get firsthand referrals when the service is a good as you've described.
  7. Thanks, everyone, for your kind compliments, I give my new Millenium, "Snowbird", all the quilting credit. I have decided upon a tiny black and white stripe (bias cut) piping to accent a black binding... this "journey" isn't done yet! Also, I created the LARGEST ever label for the back. I've attached a copy of that so that you can read through the challenge "rules" and see for yourself how I ended up with this creation: “It’s The Journey” Debra Cunningham Voigt Pfafftown, NC ~ November 2014 This quilt is the product of a monthly “Head For The Border” challenge held at a local quilt sh
  8. I had posted a little about this "Border Challenge" quilt earlier; it came off the frame yesterday. I entitled the piece "It's The Journey" because I learned so much along the way (it truly was a challenge; design elements and colors were randomly selected at my LQS each month), never really understanding the destination (or final "plan") ahead of time. It was a wonderful learning experience! The freedom to quilt each component of this quilt with the smoothness of Quilt Glide and and ease of movement provided by the Bliss drive helped me to acheive the dream quilting I was hoping for! It will
  9. I am having so much fun quilting in all the shapes provided by this "border challenge" wallhanging, entitled "It's The Journey". The piece itself took six months to create; I learned along the way that it was the journey, not the destination, to be celebrated... the joy associated with quilting this one has enhanced that journey all the more! I love my new-this-year Millie on Bliss rails with Quilt Glide more and more each day!
  10. I just finished this quilt for my granddaughter, it's the Chubby Chicks pattern that I have renamed "Feathered Friends" for the obvious reason. I quilted it on my new-this-year Millie. I am absolutely in love the smooth movements of the Bliss drive combined with flawless control offered by Quilt Glide... what precision I can achieve! I'm very happy!
  11. Tim, My husband and I are in Pfafftown, not far at all from your Mom and her machine! Feel free to give us a call; and we'll see how we can be of assistance, in person, to get her up and running smoothly once again!
  12. They look like incredibly fabulous feathers to me, go for it!
  13. Prayers for you and your family, you are such a special daughter to care for your precious mother in your home. Sending hugs of understanding and prayers for support during these difficult days.