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  1. Here are some pictures. Priced reduced to 7000.
  2. For sale 2012 Innova 18 inch stitch regulator on a 10 foot table for $7500. A new one is 10k. This has the regular SR. Less than 30 quilts have been quilted on this machine. Located near Huntsville AL. Willing to travel up to 200 miles to help set up if paying asking price. Circle lord basic, queen swirls and RnS boards snowflake, fern, curved hatch, triple clam shell at 50% of MSRP.
  3. I am selling my Janome Memory Craft 6600P with Gracie II frame and Quilters Cruise Control. Please check at the Janome website for specifics on the sewing machine: http://janome.com/index.cfm/Machines/Professional/MC6600P#Machines_Overview The Janome has a 9 inch harp and the frame can quilt up to a queen size. The Quilters Cruise Control ensures that your quilt stitches are consistent. The quilting area with this set up is 5 1/2 to 6 inches. It is a perfect set up for home quilters that meander, do loops or do small swirls. The Janome 6600P retails for 1700, the frame 600, and the cruis
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