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  1. Just a little update and info this sale/purchase is going to be handled by Dave Jones with Deloas Quilt Shop. He will handle pick up and payment for a shipping fee. Good to know if others are looking for a safe way to make purchase/sale of machines
  2. I've never done it either but wud have to have payment before guy comes we will talk Sunday my husband might know how best to do it.
  3. How r u paying is he bringing money with him or r u using paypal or something
  4. Sold pending funds. I will have to make list and talk to u Sunday I will let u know when I will be at the house to call. Thanks
  5. He may go $8700 if u want u can call him 304-675-7675 his name is Chuck and make arrangements with him
  6. I work nights may b this afternoon before I can ask him I'll let u know wat he says
  7. It can be upgraded to the bliss system also.
  8. It was in business since 2009 but only did a few dozen quilts. I did the maintenance myself it is very simple to service. I cannot take less than $10000.00 unless my husband would agree to less. Extras r rulers sanding strings a plexiglass piece that is for motifs on front for custom work. Very nice machine
  9. For Sale: 2009 APQS Millennium longarm quilting machine with 14 ft. frame, motorized fabric advance, hydraulic lift, stitch regulator, vertical and horizontal channel locks, LED lighting with black light, laser stylus, thread cutter, needle up/down, pantograph quilting from rear of machine, custom work from front with multi position handles. Also includes hundreds of dollars worth of Superior Brand thread, 30 bobbins, turbo bobbin winder, 3 extra bobbin cases, extra hook assembly, micro drive handles, extended base for ruler work, Quick Zipper System on leaders for easy loading and unloading of quilts, several pantograph patterns, many extras. Will include batting rack that holds 4 rolls of batting. Buyer is responsible for moving. Located in Southside WV nearPt. Pleasant. Machine was used ashort time for business. Moving must sell. $10,000.00 any reasonable offers will be considered. Call Sherry at 304-552-5085
  10. Caroline I ordered the ovals, circles (odd & even), hearts etc. from Quilters Rule and love them. At this time I could not afford the CL or other attachments. So far I really like them and they are easy to adapt to different designs. Good Luck!
  11. Sandra, The insurance cover a max. of $5000 on quilts in my studio (I think) they explained it like this, if I have 10 quilts in my studio and have a fire they would pay $500 per quilt. It also covers if I personally damage the quilt during the quilting process. I am beginning to wish I made the rule no customers at the house as they pilfer through everything!!